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How to Choose Best Storm Door Closer

A door closer is a mechanism that allows, as the name implies, to automatically close a door, which is extremely useful for places where there is a lot of traffic and is a great security tool, since it reduces the risk of theft and robberies, also help in fire situations.

Here in this article, we will tell you about how to choose the best storm door closer and also tell about the types of door closer.

Consider traffic volume

This is an indispensable factor, after all, you have acquired a door closer because in your business, office or any other place, it has a great flow of people who come and go, so it is something you should think about.

Floor door closers are much more durable, which is why it is common to find them in places such as markets and banks, which are visited daily by lots of people.

Consider construction criteria

The construction criteria usually vary according to the place where you are, so you must know them before making a change in your doors so that you are always attached to the legal.

Consider aesthetics

Although what we are looking for in functionality, aesthetics cannot be left aside, so the most recommended is to look for door closers that are in tune with the style of the door where it will be installed.

Interior vs Exterior

Surely you are wondering what the difference between an indoor and outdoor door closer can be, well, in the case of interiors, there is not much problem, since almost any type of door closer will do the job.

On the other hand, for outdoors you must consider that the material must resist the weather and also must resist strong winds and negative pressure.

Door width

This is an important factor to consider since the width of the door and its frame define the size of the arm necessary to keep it closed.

Door weight

As well as the size and width, the weight of the door is another factor that you can not ignore since a door closer for a small size door will not be the same as one for a gate, this because one of low capacity will not be able to move a very heavy door.

Push or pull

Doors, especially those that are hinged, usually open in two ways: by pushing or pulling them towards the body. Each door closer is designed to adapt to a specific model, so you must know exactly the one you have at home, the office, the business, or any other place.

Door type

Not all doors are the same, that surely you have quite clear and these can be made of many different materials, such as wood, aluminum, glass, glass, and even metal or steel.

Now, for each type of door, there is a door closer that can be adapted without problems, you just have to be sure that the model you have selected is compatible with them. These are the few types of door closer that normally use for different types of works.

  • Hidden door closer:If you care about the aesthetics of your door and want a mechanism that is not noticeable to the naked eye, a hidden style door closer is ideal for this, these hide between the door and its frame and can be both spring and hydraulic.
  • Surface mount door closer:These are usually smaller in size and are located at the back of the door, specifically on its handle, where a small bar with an arm is located. They are very useful when you want to combine the color of the door with that of the closer.
  • Floor door closer:Just by reading the name of these door closers, you can know where they are installed and they are used when you want a more subtle appearance, so they are located in a hole under the door. They are widely used in glass doors slide or type doors sliding.