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Choosing The Right Jewellery For Your Allergic Skin

There’s nothing quite like some exquisite chandelier earrings or a quaint pendent to complete an outfit. The right jewellery is all it takes to uplift a plain outfit to an attractive ensemble. But, for those who constantly battle skin allergies with the slightest exposure to metals or leather, jewellery is a dispute of the heart and the mind.

Well, not anymore! You can have your cake and eat it too. All it takes is some filtering to wade through mixed metal imitations and choose jewellery that’s pure and genuine. We have put together some simple guidelines to lead you to jewellery that safe, hypoallergenic and oh so gorgeous!

Avoid Nickel & Lead

Steer clear from any jewellery that has elements of nickel and/or lead blended into it. Often times, what meets the eye is pure or coated silver/gold. But, what’s blended into the mix is nickel and lead that cause itching and irritation in the area of exposure. This contact dermatitis breaks out in the form of watery blisters and red rashes. Go for pure jewellery that has authentic metals and nothing else.

Avoid imitation products entirely.

Wear Your Jewellery Sans Moisture or Cosmetics

Moisture plays spoilsport between two surfaces and can result in itchiness and rashes. When you plan on wearing jewellery, ensure the area in question is completely dry. Interestingly, most of the body areas we wear adorn with jewellery are characterised with thin & delicate skin. This includes the ear lobes, the neck, the wrist and the fingers. Any lingering moisture can trigger a reaction with the metal to cause irritation in these sensitive areas. Dab away any moisture before you wear your jewellery.

Also, avoid any lotion or cosmetics on your skin that comes in contact with jewellery. The combination of lotions and jewellery can prove detrimental to the health of your skin. What’s even more dangerous is spraying perfumes/deodorants in the area where jewellery is worn. The chemicals in the perfume can react with jewellery to cause serious skin problems.

Opt For Pure Plated Jewellery

Plated jewellery is a lot easier on delicate skin. It reduces wear and tear of both the piece of jewellery and the area of exposure. Go for jewellery that’s either silver, gold or rose gold plated. These metals are most skin-friendly and improve the usability of the ornament.

Plated jewellery also ensures durability of the piece and its sheen.

Avoid Leather Jewellery

The tanning agents and processing additives in leather jewellery leaves it washed with many chemicals and artificial colouring agents. These can irritate the skin and cause rashes. Ditch those leather wrist bands or faux leather earrings if you have a tendency to develop allergies. Opt for pure 100% metal jewellery without any mixes, dilutions or alloys.

Buy From A Trusted Source

Go with a tried and tested brand that takes its jewellery and customers seriously. You can tell a good brand by its sales history and international certifications. Wade through the website and look for industry authentications such as ‘Stamped 925 Jewellery’ or any confirmation to regional regulations such as in the EU/USA

A trusted brand is also one that has a history of participation in various international jewellery events, exhibitions and conventions. Elf925wholesale is a manufacturer with tremendous goodwill and authentic gold, sterling silver and rose gold plated jewellery. A name you can trust to be synonymous with hypoallergenic safe jewellery.

Give Your Skin A Break

While jewellery is a favourite adornment for ladies, we do recommend a break from it at the end of the day. Take off those earrings and go to bed sans any neckwear or rings. Give your skin and earlobes some fresh air by removing all your jewellery. This avoids any skin reaction overnight that can displease you first things in the morning. PS: Removing your jewellery before also retains that shine and glimmer on your precious pieces!

Having a skin allergy does not mean denying yourself of indulging in jewellery. All it means is exercising caution in choosing the right products and brands that suit your skin. So, the next time you’re on the lookout for jewellery, our checklist show help you stay clear of anything your skin does not appreciate.

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