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The Cost of Moving from Sydney to Melbourne

If you’re interested in learning about the cost of moving from Sydney to Melbourne, then keep reading. This article will focus on the ins and outs of moving house from Sydney to Melbourne, including the best ways of moving interstate, the vital items you need to keep on hand when you’re moving, plus the cost of moving furniture from Sydney to Melbourne. Then there’s the question you might be considering of whether you should move to Melbourne from Sydney. Of course, it’s vital to think deeply about this question before you make a big move interstate. Melbourne and Sydney each offer unique advantages to residents, including particular lifestyles, work and recreation opportunities, so you need to weigh these points up before you make a decision.

Is Melbourne Better than Sydney?

The answer to this question will obviously change depending on who you ask. If you’re wondering “should I move to Melbourne from Sydney?”, you ultimately need to consider your individual preferences, lifestyle and values. Moving house from Sydney to Melbourne could be a good option for you if you’re interested in:


Melbourne is host to many sporting events, including the Melbourne Open, the AFL Grand Final, cricket, and even rugby. There is almost always some sporting event happening, from local community cups right up to the professional leagues.

The Arts

Melbourne is renowned for being the music capital of Australia. There’s a gig on just about every night of the week. For other arts lovers, there are galleries galore, plus performances of ballet, opera, plays, and much more.

Café Culture

Another thing that Melbourne is famous for is its cafes and coffee. You can get the best coffee in Australia from some of Melbourne’s cafés, especially those in the CBD.

Restaurants & Nightclubs

Melbourne boasts some amazing nightspots, including fancy restaurants and river-lined bars. If you like gourmet food and wine, then Melbourne is the place to live.

Convenient Inner City Living

With Melbourne’s convenient public transport system, you can get anywhere you need to go with minimum fuss. Inner city living in Melbourne means that everything is easy to get to, even if you don’t feel like driving.

Living in Outer Suburbs for More Room

If you want to live a bit further out from the city, you can find a home in the outer suburbs. Some suburbs are close to the beach and some are nicely set in the bush, so you can take your pick of where you want to be.

What is the Best Way to Move Interstate?

When you’removing house from Sydney to Melbourne, there’s a lot to think about. You need to tie up all the loose ends where you’re currently living in Sydney, including obtaining your medical records, your child’s school records, closing utility accounts, cleaning your old home ready to move out, and packing up all your belongings ready to move. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. And that’s not even scratching the surface of all the individual tasks you’ll need to do when moving.

This is why the best way to move interstate is to use professional interstate removalists or a local Melbourne removalist that offers interstate services. You can even pay to have people pack up your belongings and unpack them at your destination, saving you valuable time.

Do yourself a favour and leave the tough jobs to the professionals so you can arrive in Melbourne ready and excited to set up your new life.

What to Keep with You When Moving

On moving day, you’ll need to make sure you keep your energy levels up. Bring plenty of snacks and water with you, especially if you have kids or will be driving long distances. Make sure you bring your pets or put them into boarding facilities until you are able to pick them up. Bring all your important documents and valuables with you, plus any items that you have decided to transport yourself to your new house.

How Much Does it Cost to Move Furniture Interstate?

When moving furniture from Sydney to Melbourne, the cost can vary depending on the method you use to transport items. One great way of saving money when moving furniture is to take advantage of backloading, which utilises spare space on trucks travelling between cities.

It’s a win/win, as the moving company uses up all available space on trucks while you enjoy a cheaper cost of moving from Sydney to Melbourne.