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6 Tips When Selecting the Ideal Outdoor Beanbag

Modern-day housing is full of attractive interiors, eye-pleasing exteriors with lavish and comfortable furnishings. Beanbags have become the most important part of the home because of their appearance and easy mobility. Modern and Contemporary Outdoor Beanbagsare available in different sizes, textures, structure, quality and co-lours. You can choose the one to best fit your outdoor decor and theme.

Before making a purchase, you should not buy it just to own a beanbag but your purpose of having a beanbag should be very clear. The write-up below gives you a list of factors to be considered while buying a beanbag.

Top 6 Tips To Make Your Beanbag A Good Buy:

First thing first when we look at purchasing any goods from the market we need to clarify the quality of the product. Once you establish you have found a quality prod-uct you need to keep the following in mind:

  • Beanbag should have two bags:

    Beanbag should have two bags

The first and foremost thing to consider is should it be supported with two bags i.e inside and outside bags. The outside bag often acts as a cover and can be removed for washing and the inside bag contains beans. Even if the outside bag is worn be-cause of weather conditions or animals, your beans will be safe within the inside bag and will not spill.

  • Material Used For Fabrication Of Bean Bag:

    Material Used For Fabrication Of Bean Bag

When you look out for bean bags for outdoors it is very important to keep in mind the fabric of the bean bag. It should be durable and must be able to stand the sun. It should also be waterproof so if you forget to shift in the rainy season it should not absorb water. Artificial leather is the most suitable fabric considered for outdoors. It is safe with pets and easy to clean. However, inside the bag can be of elastic textile. So that both the bags have better quality, durability as well as being convenient to use.

  • Shape And Size Of Bean Bags:

    Shape And Size Of Bean Bags

This is a factor that often creates discussion while choosing a bean bag. If you want to buy the bean bag for the outdoors you should consider a ‘kids’ bean bag option. It comes with a wide variety including colour options, numerous shapes and easy mobility.You can also opt for 2 seater-bean bag couch.

  • Functionality:


While choosing a bean bag for outdoors, functionality should be checked. Usually, the L-shaped or armchair model is selected. Bean bag sofa, seat and lounge are other preferred options for outdoors. They give you both comfort and seating space. Something that can complete your outdoor furnishing is a bean bag table which can hold snacks and drinks.

  • Bean Bag Filling:

    Bean Bag Filling

When you opt for an outdoor beanbag, expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads should be the preferred filling. It is best in terms of quality as well as budget making a good price-quality ratio. Buckwheat grains are very expensive and ground polystyrene is not durable as it leads to quick wear and tears.

  • Zippers And Stitches :

    Zippers And Stitches

Both the inside and outside bag should be supported with double stitches to avoid wear and tear. The outside bag should come with strong zippers to enhance durability and must be easy to remove for cleaning if required.


Considering all the above-mentioned things while making a beanbag purchase is a must. All these factors are highly important for outdoor bean bags as the furnishing will not be long-lasting and may require early replacement. So it’s better to buy a quality product making it a one-time expense.