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6 Seriously Inspiring Weight Loss Instagram Accounts

Exercising can be a real pain sometimes, and that voice inside your head that tells you to keep going can get less and less convincing. It seems like it has no effect, and you’re left wondering if you should keep going at all. In such situations, inspiration can help.

Instagram is a popular platform where you can find a lot of inspirational account in many domains, and the weight loss ones aren’t an exception. If you could use some inspiration, here are some weight loss accounts whose Instagram followers list you can join.


Are you a busy person? If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry – Itsines knows how to give you simple regimes to follow, as well as quick fitness routines. These can be incorporated into the lives of any busy person, such as students, parents or people who are busy with work.

If you are interested in this, as well as dreamy food pictures, give Itsines a follow – she has a strong following of millions of people.


Lexi is a great inspiration. In just 15 months, she was able to get rid of 270lb, and the transformation is amazing. She is only doing it through diet and exercise, and seeing her be so successful can inspire you to do the same as her.

Lexi has proved that effort pays off in the end, and you can exercise at any size. The hope is not lost.
Another Instagram account on the weight loss inspiration is Shara Swanson’s. She is a certified personal trainer. Over the last two years, she has been showcasing her body transformation, and seeing her progress gives you hope.

Her adventure will make you want to take the same path, and the before and after pictures will make you do your best to achieve your dream.


If you are into inspirational stuff missed with some comedy, Jay Cardiello has what you need. He is a personal trainer, as well as a spokesman for the US supplement brand Genuine Health. His tagline on Instagram is “inspiring the uninspired”. If you need someone who can inspire you but make you laugh at the same time, give him a follow.


When you become a mother, your life can get very busy and chaotic. However, Chontel shows you how you can work out while being a full time working mum. She co-owns the HIIT Australia gym, and she posts her client’s transformation photos. These can be a huge inspiration for you.


Becky, the owner of the account, can be very inspirational. She worked hard towards her goal, which can be seen as she uses the Instagram tools to share her before and after pictures. If you want someone to show you that anything is possible through hard work, you should follow her.

Final Thoughts

When you think all hope is lost, you need someone to offer you guidance and show you that if you don’t give up, you will be able to reap the benefits. These Instagram accounts are great allies when working for weight loss.