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The Real Fitness and Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

One of the golden rules of fitness is to find a workout that you love to do – that way, it’ll feel like fun instead of like work. If you love to dance, or you suspect that you would love to dance, even if you’ve never given it a try before, consider pole dancing workouts to get a seductive, sexy and strong body. You’d be surprised at how many pole fitness benefits there are!

You’ll burn calories fast

Pole dancing uses muscles in a different way than you’re probably used to, and it taxes those muscles throughout your entire workout because you’re constantly moving. This means that pole dancing is an excellent cardio and isometric workout.

It’s possible to burn just as many calories during a half hour pole dancing session as you would doing other types of aerobic or calisthenics workouts along with diet to make it works faster.

Your confidence will improve

One of the biggest pole fitness benefits is that your confidence will skyrocket once you see the seductive and strong body you’re building. Not only will your state of mind improve, but you’ll likely notice that the way you speak sounds more self-assured and that your posture improves, too.

Plus, you’ll move with more grace and be more balanced in your day-to-day life thanks to the skills you learn and the strength you build from pole dancing.

You can choose the right type of pole dancing for you

When you think of pole dancing, you probably picture a gentleman’s club, and you may be intimidated because you think you have to move just as sexily as those girls on stage.

However, there are three different types of classes to choose from, and you can pick the one that best suits your comfort zone. Choose from art, sexy and sport classes, all of which will get you in shape and provide you with the pole dance fitness motivation you need to reach your goals.

You’ll be less anxious and stressed

Stress is a terrible thing and it wreaks havoc on the body. When a person is stressed, their adrenaline builds up, which makes it easier to become anxious, depressed and irritated.

An intense workout session like a pole dancing class will get rid of that adrenaline and help your body produce endorphins, which will promote good, happy feelings. You’re bound to feel a lot more calm following your workout.

You’ll want to workout even more

Exercise has a sneaky way of making you crave even more fitness. What may have started with just one pole dancing trial class can turn into a love for the gym, a commitment to train for a marathon or even an interest in becoming a fitness instructor yourself.

There are so many forms of dance that are great for your body, and pole dancing is no different. If you find that you love the pole dance fitness motivation you get from your workouts, you may even want to consider entering a competition.

It’s good for your bones and joints

Pole dancing targets your entire body and can offer great benefits to your bones and joints. Pole dancing strengthens muscles, joints, and connecting tissue. Think of an exercise like running or an aerobics class, and how much strain that can put on your body.

With pole dancing, you’ll get the same benefit with less stress on your joints and bones. While working your entire body, you can achieve an athletic body with less impact. Women are more prone to developing osteoporosis later in life, which is why pole dancing can be great to decrease this risk.

Building strength and strong bones over time through pole dancing can motivate you to not only live a healthier life, but decrease your chances of osteoporosis.

You develop greater balance and kinesthetic awareness

You may wonder what kinesthetic awareness is. It simply means “muscle memory.” It is also the awareness of our own movement. This is helpful for pole dancing, as it will cause less injuries and room for mistakes. The more you practice a routine, the more your body is going to pick up on the movements and muscles used to create the routine.

You also gain better balance by pole dancing. The more balance you develop over time, the more flexible your body becomes. This can really help build your core, and help with muscle development.

Regular pole dancing can also help your mental balance which can help you to concentrate better and connect with your inner self. This will make you a stronger and more fit pole dancer. Whether you want to become a dancer, or simply to just live a healthier and fit lifestyle, pole dancing is for you. It’s a good way to change things up, and help to improve not just your balance, but your lifestyle as well.

Caroline Bird  is a writer with years of experience in business administration, who is passionate about keeping fit and eating healthy. She enjoys meeting new people and reading more books to get inspired for her own book. Her twitter, @BCarolinebird12.