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What Are CBD Pre Rolls? A Beginner’s Guide to Using CBD

The modern world of cannabis is constantly evolving. One of the biggest trends coming from the cannabis plant is CBD.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from the marijuana or hemp plant and can be used for therapeutic purposes including reducing pain, inflammation, and anxiety among other uses.

There are several ways to consume CBD, including CBD pre rolls, oils, edibles, tinctures, and lotions. This article will focus on CBD pre rolls including how they’re made and how to use them.

Interested? Keep reading and learn everything you need to know about CBD pre rolls.

CBD Pre Rolls

CBD pre rolls refer to pre-rolled joints typically made from the hemp plant. They come in various shapes and sizes but are usually wrapped with hemp paper.

CBD pre rolls are a unique product not only because of how it is consumed but also because of what it’s made from.

How Are Pre Rolls Different From Other CBD Products?

One of the major differences between pre rolls and other CBD products is where the CBD comes from.

Typically, CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant to isolate it from THC which is the property of the plant that is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the plant. CBD extracted from a plant may still have trace amounts of THC.

However, CBD can also be extracted from hemp. When extracted from the hemp plant there is usually little to no THC and instead, you will find more CBD.

CBD found in pre rolls are usually the hemp-derived compound, not the marijuana-derived version.

Hold on a second, what is so special about hemp? And why is it used in pre rolls?

Let’s dive in!

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana Plants?

This is a very common question for people interested in CBD and cannabis-related products.

Both marijuana and hemp belong to the cannabis family. They both produce flowers and to the untrained eye, they even look the same. However, hemp plants tend to be tall and thin compared to the larger, bushy nature of the marijuana plant.

The major difference is that marijuana plants produce more THC, while hemp produces more CBD.

So, the product found inside of a pre roll usually comes from the hemp flower and has a high concentration of CBD.

What Are The Benefits of Pre Rolls?

There are a few reasons that people choose pre rolls instead of the other versions of CBD. First, they use the hemp plant in its natural form as opposed to CBD isolate. People who value whole, natural, products favor this version of consumption.

Pre rolls are also very convenient. You could buy the hemp paper and even the hemp flower on your own, but it is a time-consuming process to grind and roll your own.

Pre rolls are also one of the most effective ways of using CBD because the benefits occur almost instantly. If you use edible CBD or sublingual CBD it may take some time before you begin to feel the effects. But with pre rolls, the CBD is absorbed into your system more quickly resulting in a faster therapeutic benefit.

What Are the Different Types of Pre Rolls?

Pre rolls can be sold in the form of joints, cones, or blunts. While the essential makeup of these three items is the same, the overall shape and size are different.

Joints are generally long, slender, cylindrical-shaped rolls that look more like the typical cigarette.

A cone refers to a type of joint that is, you guessed it, shaped like a cone. This version will usually have an end that is twisted to make the lighting process easier.

A blunt, sometimes also referred to as a cigar, is a larger, wider version of the joint. While typically people associate these terms with tobacco, they are also used in the CBD world.

Anyone of these pre rolls will have a similar effect, despite the different aesthetic. Larger versions are better for sharing whereas the thinner versions can be used by a single person.

Is It Legal?

The use and sale of CBD are legal in the United States. The Farm Bill enacted in 2018 also made hemp legal on a federal level. While there are some states that have banned the CBD flower, it is difficult for them to enforce because hemp is legal on a federal level.

So even individuals that live in states that banned the CBD flower can purchase products like pre rolls on the internet. Most companies still ship to those states.

Is It Safe?

The benefits of using CBD are pretty well documented. Whether it is for pain, depression, or even preventing seizures, CBD may be the answer you’re looking for. CBD pre rolls are no different.

In fact, CBD pre rolls have even started to gain popularity among cigarette smokers looking to quit. Unlike CBD, tobacco can be harmful when smoked.

Smoking CBD pre rolls is as safe as any other CBD product, but if you have additional concerns you can always contact a medical professional.

Where Can I Get CBD Pre Rolls?

So now that you know about how pre rolls are made, what they’re made from, and the legal landscape, it’s time to talk about where you can get them.

CBD pre rolls can be found in most places that CBD is sold. It is also easy to find the best CBD pre rolls to buy online.

There are plenty of variations, so feel free to shop around!

Get ‘Rollin!

CBD pre rolls are a legal and safe version of CBD that can be found in stores and online. As with any other form of CBD, be sure to check the dosage and use responsibly.

If you are interested in more info on CBD products, check out our other blogs!

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