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Clear the Indoor Air Quality with Room Air Sanitizer

With the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), frequently cleaning and disinfecting our home is essential for keeping ourselves and our family safe and healthy. COVID-19 poses a much higher risk of a person to person transmission than transmission via surfaces; it is still recommended that cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces should be done at least once a day, even if we’re not leaving the house. That’s because there’s some possibility of exposure whenever people go out or come in, which is the case for items. The novel coronavirus can remain in the air for up to three hours and stainless-steel plastic and up to three days, and on surfaces such as cardboard, it can be active for up to 24 hours according to a recent study.

Room air sanitizer is the best solution in the current situation as it helps to reduce airborne contaminants, including viruses at home or confined space. It eliminates over 98% of airborne germs, reduces or mitigates the actual growth or development of a microbiological organism. These include fungi, bacteria, or viruses and fight odours and allergens like mould spores.

Oxygarden brings India’s first Natural Air Sanitizer and Purifier for our interior spaces. It is the best option to improve our indoor air quality and lead a healthier life. Oxygarden’s personal room air sanitizer brings Nature’s freshness directly into your room by making air sanitizer for home.


  • It purifies and humidifies Indoor air
  • It helps in removing pollutants like CO2, CO, VOC, NO2.
  • An optimal humidity level of 40-60% is maintained by it.
  • It removes bad odour from the indoor environment
  • It removes harmful chemical, bacteria, and other disease-causing pathogens
  • It reduces PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles
  • It helps in boosting immunity.
  • It provides for a cool, relaxed and aesthetically appealing environment Mood elevator
  • It produces 700 Litres of Oxygen in a day

Oxygarden room air sanitizer helps in clearing the air from Bad odour, harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses, pathogens through its sanitization process. Apart from the current situation of COVID, cleaning rooms regularly helps us to stay healthy and fit.