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Send Money to Pakistan with ACE Money Transfer & Bank Alfalah

Sending and receiving money from one country to another is no more a hassle now. There is no need to wait in long lines to transfer your hard-earned money. ACE Money Transfer is one of the reputed money transfer company that not only transfer money, but also let their senders and receivers win a lot of exciting prizes. If you are sending money to Pakistan, all you have to do is send money through the ACE app or website. Pay through your credit/debit card and select the receiving option as cash pick up of Bank Alfalah.

In this way, when the transaction is completed, you enter into a lucky draw. This lucky draw is held every month till December 2020. Both senders and receivers are eligible for the lucky draw.

Bumper Rewards:

The offer comes with amazing prizes that include:

  • 7-Smart Watches
  • For iOS Users: Series 6 Watch (GPS+ Cellular 44 mm)
  • For Android users: Samsung Active 2 Watch (GPS+ Cellular 44 mm)
  • 14-Gift Vouchers
  • 14-Honda CD-70 Bikes
  • MacBook Air (13 inch – Core i3 – 256GB Storage)
  • Honda Civic 1.8 i-VTEC Car

These prizes are given to people who secure a place in the lucky draw. This is a limited time offer, till December 31, 2020. Make a transaction today, and get a chance to win these exciting prizes.

People living abroad face multiple struggles. The first struggle they face is figuring out how to earn money for their family living in Pakistan, and another struggle that they face is getting to know how to send money to Pakistan. A significant portion of Pakistani people lives abroad to earn bread for their families in Pakistan. ACE has now joined hands with Bank Alfalah to help its customers in sending money to their families very quickly and timely.

ACE Money Transfer, The Right Option For Both Sender & Receiver

ACE Money Transfer has always been in the leading rows to assist people struggling with how to send their money back home. Methods such as Bank transfer involves a lot of issues such as delaying of payments, extra charges, taxes, etc. To avoid any inconvenience, ACE offers its customers the best exchange rates along with timely money transfers.

ACE Money Transfer provides easy and efficient online payment transfers that allow its users to easily send money to Pakistan through their app or website and make payments with their debit/credit cards. ACE Money Transfer provides the best exchange rates as compared to the market, and it’s easy to use app interface acts as a cherry on the top.

ACE and Bank Alfalah Offer:

To ease out the payment circulation methods, ACE never forgets the receiving end. To facilitate receivers, ACE and Bank Alfalah have launched a joint venture through which payments can be received at any branch of Bank Alfalah in Pakistan.

Bank Alfalah, along with ACE Money Transfer, provides an easy and efficient money transfer solution to the Pakistani overseas community and facilitates them by charging the lowest fees and giving prizes. There are also other efficient and excellent money transfer services like ACE Money Transfer. CompareRemit, which is an international money transfer service comparison site, can help you identify and get these other excellent money transfer services.