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The Health Benefits From Physical Therapy

A physiotherapist helps treat mobility issues. These specialists are crucial in your healing process if you have a psychical health issue. A few sessions of physical therapy in Fort Lee NJ, can help you regain your movement, reduce physical pain, and enhance your ability to perform day to day tasks.

Compared to other forms of treatment such as surgery, physical therapy is less intrusive as it uses movement techniques, mobility exercises, manual therapy, and patient education to restore mobility and reduce pain.

Physical therapy (PT) is recommended for people of all ages who are suffering from illness or injuries affecting their movement. Some of the common problems that can be treated with PT include:

  • Arthritis and osteoporosis
    · Sport-related injuries
    · Back and neck pain
    · Chronic pain
    · Orthopedic-related pains and injuries
    · Neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson disease and stroke-related disabilities
    · Vertigo and headaches
    · Muscular dystrophy
    · Women related pelvic floor issues such as lymphedemas and urinary incontinence

Health Benefits of Physical Therapy

If you have an injury that is restricting your mobility, physical therapy can help you get your life back to normal.

But that isn’t all that PT does.

Physical therapy has other health benefits that can enhance your overall well-being.  Some of these benefits are discussed below.

1. Pain Management and Relief

If you’re suffering from chronic or physical pain, you may find it difficult to carry on with your daily activities. Pain can also affect your mental well-being leading to stress and depression. Not to mention the amount of money you’ll spend on prescription painkillers to control the pain.

Physical therapy can give you relief from joint, tissue, and muscle pain.  With the use of therapeutic manual techniques and exercises, a physiotherapist can help restore your body functions and detect the source of your pain. Some of the PT interventions, when done regularly, can also ensure you enjoy a pain-free life.

2. Regain Your Mobility

Reduced mobility can be caused by illness, injury, or age-related issues. Many doctors often recommend physical therapy to help improve movement.

A physiotherapist will come up with an exercise and education program customized to your condition to help you regain your mobility.

Therapeutic mobility techniques will make activities such as eating, writing, standing, and moving around safer. These programs can also improve balance and coordination for patients who have a high risk for falls.

3. Help You Recover from Surgery or Can Be an Alternative to Surgery

Physical therapy can aid in the healing process after some surgical procedures.  Many doctors often refer patients to physiotherapists after shoulder reconstruction, tennis elbow release, hip replacement, tendon repairs, ligament repairs, discectomy, among other surgeries.

If PT is recommended after surgery, your program will be personalized to your activity level, ensuring you recover with minimal pain and discomfort.

Physical therapy can also be a good alternative to surgery for some conditions such as spinal stenosis, knee osteoarthritis, and meniscal tears. Most patients of muscle damage or joint pain also prefer to try out PT rather than opting for expensive and invasive surgery.

But even if you end up going for surgery, seeing a physiotherapist before can help your body be in good shape resulting in quicker recovery after the procedure.

4. Helps You Avoid Future Mobility Problems

During physical therapy, you learn how your body works, which helps change how you treat your body. For instance, athletes can learn how to move better during sports and the exercises they need to engage in to prevent injuries.

A physiotherapist will also assess the weak areas in your body and come up with a program that can strengthen these areas preventing the occurrence of future mobility injuries.

In closing, physical therapy offers a variety of benefits for patients suffering from a myriad of health issues. It ensures you regain your mobility, helps manage pain, and it’s a good alternative to some invasive and expensive surgical procedures.