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5 Causes of Low Self-Esteem and How to Overcome It

Women face difficulties at different stages of their lives that alter their confidence and diminish their self-esteem. For example, after giving birth, women notice changes in their bodies that could affect their outlook. By finding ways to correct the underlying cause of their poor self-esteem, women discover ways to restore it and get the most out of their lives.

Heavier Than Average Periods

Menorrhagia is a condition in which women have extremely heavy periods that lead to severe side effects. Women who experience the condition may have periods that last for more than one week. They will also need to wear more than one pad at a time to absorb the blood before it leaks onto their clothing. It can present embarrassing circumstances for the ladies, and it will hinder their self-esteem. Women with the conditions review an effective menorrhagia treatment now for more details about controlling it.

Traumatic Events or Abuse

Traumatic life events and abuse diminish the person’s self-esteem and leave them feeling worthless. With trauma and abuse, women need to seek counseling and participating in therapy. The effects of the events could affect them throughout their lives and make it difficult to manage social settings. This can become limiting and prevent them from progressing in life and having healthy relationships.

For many women, the words of their attackers or abusers echo in their heads and create negative thought processes. This makes it incredibly difficult for them to believe in themselves and heal from these detrimental events.

Uncontrolled Mood Disorders

Mood disorders require medication to control the symptoms and prevent the negative effects. For so many people that suffer from mental illnesses, the stigma attached to them by society makes it difficult to overcome self-confidence issues. Proper treatment through medication controls their symptoms and helps them lead a more normal life. Therapy helps them to address negative thought patterns that hinder their lives.

Unrealistic Body Standards in Fashion

The fashion industry introduces a series of difficulties for women. While fashion today has become a little more accepting of all body types. There are still designers that won’t budge. Unrealistic body standards have hindered the self-confidence of women starting in childhood.

While women cannot force these standards to change in the fashion industry, they can learn to accept themselves and others. By lifting others up and being more accepting of other body types, all women become more confident and help others who are facing body image issues.

Unsupportive Parents

Women develop body issues and confidence problems if their parents are not supportive of them. Parents that belittle and degrade their children will cause the children to feel unworthy and unloved. With difficult and even toxic parents, therapy can help the victims of these perspectives. The lesson to learn here is that while it is hard, therapy can help victims of unsupportive parents reclaim their childhood and heal from damaging childhoods.

Women face many challenges throughout their lives that could diminish their self-esteem and destroy their confidence. When healing and improving their confidence, women address the underlying cause of these difficulties first. When growing in life and healing, the first step is self-love, and it is vital for women to discover the best ways to address these issues and overcome obstacles that hinder their confidence. Therapy and proper treatments for underlying medical conditions are the best starting points for improving their lives.