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Battling Anxiety in DC

Washington, DC, is one of the most important and exciting cities in the world. As the capital of the United States, it is a place of national and international political importance. It’s also a thriving metropolitan hub for everything from finance to the arts. And while DC has its faults–it’s a stressful, expensive place that can get brutally hot and muggy–there’s simply no other place that Washingtonians would want to call home.

With that said, living in the District of Columbia takes a lot out of you. People elsewhere in the United States are kicking back and relaxing long before most of us get out of work — and many of us are still networking and politicking even after we clock out and head to the bar. DC is a place where deals are made (and broken) at all hours, and it can sometimes feel like we need to be “always on” to get by here.

There’s nothing wrong with being a fast-talking, hard-working Washingtonian, and that kind of dedication will get you far. But we all need to be careful about the culture here because it can all too easily lead to anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Everyone has felt anxious at one point or another. In fact, anxiety disorders (when taken as a group) are the most common form of mental health disorder in the world. Almost 1 in every 5 people in the US has an anxiety disorder of some kind. It’s extremely common to have issues with anxiety, and it may even be becoming more common: Many experts believe that anxiety is on the rise. Anxiety is certainly being talked about openly more often and identified more frequently, though how much that has to do with our improving mental health care standards is up for debate.

Anxiety disorders mean more than just feeling occasionally anxious. However,it can be difficult to identify anxiety in ourselves. Anxiety disorders are characterized by “excessive” worrying, for instance — but what really is “excessive?” Anxiety comes in different forms, but it is generally considered a “disorder” when it begins to negatively affect your life and daily functioning, such as unwanted impacts on your work and relationships. You may notice other symptoms, such as loss of sleep and physical discomfort like muscle tension.

The best way to know if DC stress is causing a rise in anxiety is to work with a professional. That’s also the best way to receive treatment for your anxiety disorder symptoms.

Anxiety and professional help in Washington, DC

Here’s the good news about Washington, DC: It has elite professionals in just about every field, and that includes mental health care. Therapists in DC are among the very best at what they do on the planet, and seeking out cognitive therapy here in DC can be a life-changing decision.

If you’re a DC resident, you should consider therapy to be a virtually essential part of your Washington lifestyle. With all that goes on in this bustling city, how can you get by without taking a little time to think about your own well-being and mental health? A good therapist will help you understand how your mind is working and why. She or he will help you develop coping strategies to overcome your symptoms and lead a fulfilling, productive life here in DC — even if it sometimes feels like the city itself is working against you! You deserve to live your best life, and therapy is the best way to get it.