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Does Your Dry Herb Vaporizer’s Brand Matter?

Despite what many people on the internet might want you to believe, your vaporizer brand does not matter. This also holds true for dry herb vaporizers, which are fast becoming popular with vapers who are concerned about additives in the usual oil and wax-based cartridges.

While dry herb vaporizers still account for a minority of vaporizers sold, they have quite a dedicated following and many people have some strong opinions of what you should look for in a dry vape and there are many brand die-hards out there as well.

Instead of the brand, what you should be looking at is what your dry herb vape pen can deliver and and how it matches your unique lifestyle. Here are some more important things to look out for when choosing the best dry herb vaporizer for your needs.

1.) Materials and build quality

Regardless of whether you’re going with a desktop or a portable model, you should look into investing in something that’s built to last. The materials and construction of the vape pens you’re considering should allow it to last at least a couple of years of daily use, if not longer.

2.) Temperature control

One reason some people prefer dry vapes is that they have much more freedom to use different types of herbs and strains without needing a cartridge. However, if you decide to go with a dry herb vaporizer, you’ll want something that offers superior chamber temperature control so that you’re better able to enjoy different herbs at their recommended vaporization temperatures.

3.) Battery life vs. form factor

Battery power and longevity are important in any portable vaporizer. Portable dry vape rigs need a battery that could deliver high power so that vaporization remains quick and consistent. You may also want to consider a dry herb vape pen that offers long battery life for repeated use throughout the day. However, in many cases, longer battery life equates to larger, heavier batteries, so you may want to consider sacrificing the ease and portability of a smaller form factor if you want to enjoy more uses between charges.

4.) Ergonomics/ease of use

If your vape rig is hard to use, you’re going to be less likely to use it. And if you don’t use it, you’re not getting the full value from your vape purchase. Using, disassembling, and cleaning your vaporizer should be easy and straightforward for a better overall vaping experience.

5.) Overall value

These days there are plenty of great dry herb vapes available at good prices. There are plenty of overpriced ones as well.

That isn’t to say that you won’t benefit from a higher-priced vape. Maybe you can. It all depends on which features you feel are the most important for you. Rather than focusing on price, ask yourself what each model delivers and see if you’re able to find something that delivers the same performance but at perhaps a better price.


Dry herb vaporizers are becoming more popular with a wider range of vapers. If you’re interested in one, it’s best to focus on the model’s specific benefits, rather than its brand or features. Check out Vapes All Day for a wide selection of dry herb and cartridge vaporizers suited for a range of different lifestyles.