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What To Do if Your Emirates Flight is Delayed

Nothing can put a wrench in your travel plans quite as quickly as a delayed flight. While you may not have control over when your flight finally does take off, you do have options when it comes to exercising your rights in this situation. It is also important to understand that every airways and airspace region has different rules and options. Here is what you need to do if your flight is delayed and if you are eligible for an Emirates flight claim.

Who to Talk To:

The faster that you address the situation with the appropriate personnel, the more likely that you will be on your way in a timely fashion. As soon as you realize that your flight has been disrupted, you need to speak with a customer service representative. If you are at the airport waiting for your flight, you will have the most success talking with an Emirates employee onsite. If the line to speak with a representative is long, you can try calling their customer service line while waiting for your turn. This may help to speed up the process so that you can get rebooked on your preferred flight.

Can You Switch Your Flight?

Although Emirates is not a European airline, they are required to comply with EU regulations when over this airspace. This means that if your Emirates flight is cancelled, you will be provided with either a different flight to your destination or a full refund. EU law also states that flights that are delayed by three hours or more also may be eligible for up to $700 in compensation provided by the airline.

What Are the Reasons for the Delay?

The reason for the delay will largely dictate what your rights are in each situation. According to Travel Refund, “Whether you were on an Emirates delayed flight or your travel was cancelled altogether, there are essential criteria you must fulfill to be eligible for compensation.” While there is a comprehensive list of criteria, the most important factor is if the reason for the delay was within the control of Emirates. Under the regulations set forth by EU 261, the airline owes you some form of compensation if the flight was delayed or cancelled for reasons under control of Emirates.

Reasons That May Provide You with Compensation for an Emirates Flight Claim:

You may be eligible for an Emirates flight claim if your travel was delayed due to mechanical or maintenance problems or if the flight is understaffed. Not having enough passengers to justify the flight is also under the list of reasons that will net you compensation from Emirates. Extraordinary circumstances that are deemed to be outside of the control of the airline include severe weather, airspace restrictions, strikes or political unrest, and airport closures.

It is never any fun to have to experience a delayed flight that hinders your travel plans. However, knowing your rights and empowering yourself to take quick action will ensure that you receive your entitled Emirates flight claim.

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