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Signs You’re Buying a Great Mattress

Your rest and sleep are important things you will have to invest in. Especially when you work long and hard days, you will want to feel that your bed and room are your refuge when you come home. One of the best ways you can achieve this is by having a great mattress. Of course, the good ones can come with a hefty price tag, and for good reason. Choosing the right or wrong mattress really can spell the difference between waking up relaxed or with back pain.

If you are thinking of buying a mattress, here are telltale signs that you are bringing home a good one:

1. It Comes With A Lot Of Padding

The more padding the mattress has, the better quality it has, though it can be more expensive. If there is one thing in your room that you have to splurge on, it is your mattress. Padding is needed to provide ample back support when you sleep. Remember that when you are in a resting position, the weight of your body is all on the mattress. Without ample padding, the mattress will be unable to give support and shape your body ergonomically, such that you won’t be feeling any bodily pains after you have stayed in a resting position for so long.

2. It Is Used By Major Hotels Or Resorts

Five-star hotels and resorts are priced with a five-star price range for a reason: not only is the service top-notch, but the management has also exerted all its efforts to give you the best quality of sleep and rest while staying at their hotel. This is precisely why you would instantly feel like you would rather rest than go elsewhere the moment you cover yourself with comfortable hotel sheets.

If there is any five-star hotel whose bed you enjoyed sleeping in, take the time to check their mattress or, better yet, ask the management. You can purchase one for yourself as it is a mattress worthy of a five-star hotel rating.

Visit the Amerisleep mattress store in Houston if you’re from around that area for a wide selection of mattresses that are also used by hotels.

3. It Comes With A Comfort Guarantee

Before you finally pay for your purchase, take the time to also check the mattress’ comfort guarantee. When retailers they provide this, it means that they are confident enough in the quality of their mattress. Remember that mattresses aim to provide two essential things, which are comfort and support. Check to see the details and duration of this comfort guarantee, and see if this applies to a particular mattress type or size you’re eyeing to buy. Although it is provided, chances are you won’t even get to use it if the mattress is of high quality.

4. It Is Highly Recommended

As you would with any other item you are looking to buy, take the time to research and window shop before you make the final purchase. The Internet can be your best friend, and so can the recommendations of your family and friends, or even that of an orthopedic doctor. As you browse through possible mattresses that you can purchase within your area, ask about the brand, and review its recommendation and feedback section.

If a mattress is highly recommended, then you can be assured of its good quality. This means that numerous buyers are satisfied with the comfort it provides for the price accompanying it.

5. It Is Lightweight

Thanks to technology, having a durable and good quality mattress doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be the heaviest. Most mattresses, especially those with excellent quality, are now lightweight. As you shop for a mattress, take the time to try it out and lift its corners. Keep in mind that you will be doing that regularly, as you have to change your sheets at least once a week. If you’re having difficulty lifting the mattress and it takes up too much of your energy, then you might want to consider looking for a better option instead.


With the numerous options of mattresses available, you may sometimes be confused as to which one might be the perfect choice. The options can be overwhelming, but at the end of the day, picking a high-quality mattress will depend on your preferences and needs, as well as the mattress’ features. Keep these characteristics in mind the next time you shop, so you are better assured that you are spending your money’s worth on a great mattress.

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