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5 Major Mistakes to Avoid in Furnishing the Living Room

Being the first impression of the house interior, the living room must have an appearance that can fascinate any visitors.

Even though home owners may be well aware of the importance of this room, it can be hard for many to steer clear of mistakes that make the room less alluring than expected.

With many years of experience in interior design, Kenli Furniture picked out five common mistakes in living room furnishing that must be avoided.

1. Arranging lights

Light is one of the elements that can accentuate the beauty of your living room. Moreover it facilitates everyday activities. It’s easy to see what an important role light plays.

Hence, you can’t use just one bulb to provide light for the entire room. The corners won’t be properly lit, besides the room might look drab with only one ceiling lamp. Arrange other types of lamps such as miniature lights on the ceiling, lights on the walls or on the table so that the living room is illuminated by different glows! But it is important to make sure that they blend together well instead of contrasting each other.

2. Choosing a carpet

Some people might take this lightly, but if you don’t choose the right carpet, it can ruin the whole landscape of your living room. It is advisable to measure the room area as well as the furniture. Even better if you have a blueprint with detailed measurements, it can help you choose the carpet of the most suitable size for the area.

3. Not finding the right sofa

The sofa has always been considered the highlight of the living room. And that is also why it’s always placed at the center. With such an important role at such an important position, it’s crucial that you don’t make light of choosing the perfect one. Before buying a sofa, it’s good to ask yourself whether its form, colors and material would look nice where you’re going to put it. Because an oversized couch will make everything fall out of place, not only making the room disorganized but also confusing to look at.

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4. Inharmonious color palette

Running after trends and purchasing in-vogue products are still very common, generally speaking as well as with furniture items in particular. However, more problems present themselves in the case of furniture purchasing. This type of product, no matter how popular they are, can easily become outdated when new ones are released to the market.

Choose a sofa that goes well with your living room. For instance, leather-lined couches offer a luxurious beauty, aren’t perishable and don’t become old-fashioned like other kinds. Besides of choosing a sofa, it is advisable that you pay attention to the colors of wall paint, wallpaper, etc., as they should bring up a predominant hue. Neutral tones can fit in most spaces without the fear of being outmoded.