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Safety Tips While Working with a Drill Press

A drill press is a ubiquitous instrument available in a mechanical workshop. Many small industries possess this machinery as it is not too costly and easily operable. An entrepreneur can cut down the working cost of his shop by using a drill press instead of heavy bench tapping machines.

The specialty of this specific instrument is that you can install with very less effort. A drill press can drill in most of the hard surfaces as well as it can tap, ream, and counterbore. If you own a drill press in your home workshop, plenty of work can be done with this single machine. You should read some helpful from here While working with this useful tool, some safety concerns should be taken care of. Here you can read more important information and safety tips.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss those details.

1. Displacement of the workplace

As the workplace of a drill press is separately attached to the main instrument, it may cause a severe problem while working because the base can be disengaged from the workplace. So it is better to clamp the base tightly first, then you can start drilling.

2. Analogous chuck and spindle

Not all chucks are going to fit in every drill press, different chuck and spindle combinations are there for distinct drill press machinery. If you have installed a wrong series of chuck and spindle in your machine, the productivity of the tool will reduce abruptly. Always consult with the manual provided by the manufacturer before dealing with it.

3. Take care of loose accessories

Don’t wear any loose clothes while working with a drilling machine. If you have a long hair, tie that up with a band so that it will not cause any problem to the pulley. Also, there is a possibility of a severe accident if the cloth, hair, or jewelry of the operator gets stuck in the pulley. Every drill press comes with a spindle guard; put that thing on when operating. It will resist the contact of any foreign substance with the pulley.

4. Alignment of the drill

If the drill head and the central hole of the table is not aligned perfectly, you will end in drilling a hole in the table itself. So, the work station will be damaged. So the operators are always advised to do the centering correctly. You may also use a plank beneath the sample to prevent the damage. The plank may have been damaged, but the table will be safe.

5. High-speed damage

Do not use the drill press at high speed unnecessarily. A very high speed will produce an ample amount of heat in the workpiece. As the high speed can deliberately damage the sample from the generated heat. So, you should always maintain a moderate speed on the tool and never exceed the recommended speed by the manufacturer.

These are the primary hazards you may face while working with a drill press. You should always look after the safety measures that can be taken. Thus, you can work safely and have a productive workshop.