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Get Rid of Your Puffy Face at Home (5 Quick Fixes)

Waking up with a puffy face isn’t fun, especially when you have a big day ahead. Use these 5 at-home remedies to magically de-puff your face right now!

There are lots of reasons you might have woken up with a puffy face, but knowing the cause doesn’t help you get rid of the problem. You need a solution, and you need it now.

In fact, it would be perfect if there was a way you could magically de-puff your face before you have to leave the house or get on that Zoom meeting.

While we can’t grant you three wishes or teach you to blink your eyes or twitch your nose to get it done, we can help. These five tricks work almost as well as magic when it comes to taking the bloat and puffiness away from your face fast!

1. Give Your Face a Firm Massage

Massages are the solution to so many problems. It’s not surprising that their magical abilities can help with puffy faces too!

Clogged fluids in the lymphatic areas are often the culprit of facial swelling. 

With a gentle but firm massaging technique, these spots release the fluid they’re holding and the puffiness disappears.

Using Massage to Reduce Your Facial Swelling

If you’re not a big massage recipient, you might have no idea where to start. Use these simple steps to reduce that morning swelling. Give yourself a refreshing massage any time of day to enjoy the relief it brings!

  1. Get in a comfortable position, either sitting up or laying down.
  2. Starting below your collarbone, gently push and knead along the skin below your collarbone. You’ll probably feel something right away, either discomfort or a light releasing of pressure.  This is where your lymphatic fluids can get clogged easily. If you have a lot of build-up, it may be tender but should release and feel better.
  3. Move your fingers to the sides of your neck and press gently as you rub in a downward motion.  As you move your fingers from underneath your ears to your shoulders, you’re releasing the fluids and toxins in the area. Your neck muscles will enjoy the pressure, too.
  4. Shift your fingers to your eyebrows and push lightly along the brow bone and around your eyes.  Slide your fingers in a downward pattern along your cheekbones, down to your chin.
  5. Finally, put the index finger of each hand underneath the matching ear lobe, where it meets the jaw bone.  Slowly push down and follow your jawline. It may be uncomfortable at first, but as you massage the area, it will release and feel better.

This massage technique can take as little or as long as you want it to. With just a few seconds on each step, your swelling should go down.

2. Apply Cold Temperatures

You probably already know to apply ice to injuries like a goose egg or banged knee. But the same medical rules that help reduce swelling with injuries work for your puffy face.

Cold temperatures shrink the blood vessels in the skin. When you apply a cold compress to your face, it reduces the redness and bloat.

A cold compress also helps if the problem is related to pink eye or allergies. If you have burning and itchiness that doesn’t go away with allergy meds or a cold compress, it could be something more serious. 

To get rid of occasional swelling, all you need is something really cold—the colder, the better. You can use an ice cube, cucumber slices, or anything else cold to do the job.

Apply the compress to your face for about thirty seconds. Remove and repeat a few minutes later if the puffiness is still there. 

3. Do a Detox

Sometimes the bags under your eyes and your puffy face are a result of too many toxins in your body.

Your liver is the organ primarily responsible for eliminating toxic waste. When it works right, your blood doesn’t have junk in it. But when your liver is sluggish, those toxins spread throughout your body in your blood.

The longer the toxins stay in your blood circulation, the more they impact your other organs negatively. Then, your lymph nodes get congested, and you begin to notice swelling.

Liver issues can stem from sinus or digestion problems, drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, and too many prescription medications.

Detoxing your liver isn’t something that has an immediate fix, but there are some ways you can give it a jumpstart in the morning. Do a gentle exercise, such as yoga or pilates, for fifteen minutes to reduce stress and get the blood flowing in your body. Then, drink a smoothie or juice with beetroot, apple, lemon, or carrots in it to help your liver flush out some toxins.

4. Drink Some Caffeine

Another cause of puffy eyes is water retention. Signs of this show up around your eyes as swelling.

Water retention occurs when the fluids under the skin buildup. Because the tissues around this area are so thin, a little bit of fluid retention shows up quickly.

The good news is that this type of swelling is easy to get rid of if you have any caffeinated products laying around the house. Drinking caffeine in enough quantities can have a diuretic effect, which helps get rid of retained water.

Some products also have caffeine as a topical ingredient. If your under-eye cream does, it should knock the puffiness out fast. Or, you can use black tea bags and apply them, once they have been cooled in ice water, to your under-eye area.

5. Use an Eye Cream

Puffy bags under your eyes can make even the most well-polished person look like they tossed and turned all night.

A trick to eliminating eye baggage fast is to use hemorrhoid cream. Preparation H, in particular, has a vasoconstrictor ingredient that constricts the blood vessels. This knocks out puffiness fast and is used by celebrities as a lowkey miracle fix.

Not sure about putting hemorrhoid cream on your face? 

No problem. Keep a professional-strength eye cream on hand if you’re prone to puffy under-eyes. Don’t forget to look for one with caffeine as a main active ingredient!


When you need to get rid of the puffiness in your face fast, a miracle cure isn’t necessary. These five tricks work like magic to reduce bloat and swelling, letting you get on with your day without worrying about puffy skin!

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with The Proper Raleigh to help them with their online marketing.