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Which Anklet to Wear? Gold or Silver, Band or Chain

Anklets are a long-lost jewelry trend which has been revamped by red carpet celebs and Instagram influencers lately. Jewelry laden feet carries an erotic appeal and you can channel the same to both special and day-to-day events. Anklets embody grace and femininity courtesy the sweet jingling sound which can surely melt anyone’s heart.Today we are going to take you through the varieties of anklets so that you can easily take your pick. For greater ease, we have sub-divided the entire classification into two broad categories. So, read on to find out the one which matches your vibe.

Classification On The Basis Of Materials

  • Magnetic Anklets

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This variety is an absolute hit amongst fashionistas who suffer from ankle pain, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, infertility and other ailments. Often the magnetic anklets are studded with precious and semi-precious gemstones like rose quartz, cats’ eye and tiger eye for adding to its aesthetic appeal. The magnetic anklets can be paired up with other magnetic jewelry of your choice for adding inertia to the healing process.

  • Sterling Silver Anklets

Add a glistening pop of pretty to your ensemble with the sterling silver anklets which can help you nail a gorgeous look. Silver by itself is a pretty heavy-duty metal and can guarantee optimum longevity with the anklets. The pieces might feature electrocoating, flashing or metal plating to render a more lustrous appearance.

  • White Gold Anklets

The stunning white gold anklets are intricately crafted for helping you bask in the exclusivity of wearing them. These rhodium-plated beauties radiate an aura of elegance and look beautiful when teamed up with subtle ensembles. The sophisticated white gold anklets come in a plethora of designs and might even be studded with stones for a more dignified look.

  • Shell Anklets

Shell anklets are the latest addition in the field of anklet design wherein loose shells may hang sideways or might be stringed together to paint a pretty picture. These anklets are usually made up of heishi shell, cowrie shell, paua shell, ni’ihau shell and similar variants. If you are planning on going to a beach party, then the shell anklets can help you nail an easy-breezy style effortlessly. You can also style them with casual wears like skirts and shorts.

  • Yellow Gold Anklets

Exude unparalleled glamour by dressing up your feet in yellow gold anklets. This precious metal is considered to be a symbol of purity and prosperity in folklore. These premium grade anklets can nail an eye-catching look with its designs whether you opt for the simple ones or the barefoot sandal varieties.

  • Ribbon Anklets

Ribbons stand out as a sign of grace, elegance and beauty. You can also opt for the beautiful satin ribbon anklets in a rainbow of hues. They are often studded with embellishments and minute detailing for adding an extra dash of glam to your oomph meter.

  • Leather Anklets

Leather anklets usually feature timeless styles like broad strap and braiding which makes it easy to choose one which fits your bill. You can also make a style statement by opting for vibrant colors and beads.

  • String Anklets

If you are looking for something more low-key than the gold and silver anklets, then the string ones can be your best bet. They feature simple strings teamed with matching beads and look trendy on being worn with casual attires. The best thing about string anklets is that you can go the DIY way with these quaint beauties.

  • Crochet Anklets

The well-knitted crochet anklet features woolen threads which are woven into a floral design. Often small golden pearls are studded in these crochet beauties for a more stunning look especially when teamed up with long skirts for your next beach vacation. A whole new look can be created by adding trinkets, beads, hearts, starts and charms for adding new dimensions to your personality.

  • Seed Bead Anklets

Beaded anklets are adored by women who like vibrant hues. Since beads come in a plethora of colors, you can easily match them with your outfits. You can find beads in different shapes like stars, tubes and heart for making a seed bead anklet at home. These look flattering when teamed up with western outfits, casuals and beachwear. You can pair them up with strappy heels and colorful flipflops for stealing the show.

  • Jeweled Anklets

As the name suggests, these ethereal beauties come studded with real or artificial gems which makes them more alluring to look at. While you can go with a variety of jeweled anklet styles, its best to opt for the chunkier pieces to radiate your signature diva-like vibe.

Classification On The Basis Of Style

  • Stacked Set

The stacked set is slightly unconventional than the rest of the mentions in our list. This style simply layers two or more anklets of the same category to create a gorgeous appearance.

  • Frail Chain

If you are all hearts for the barely-there style, then you can choose the sleek frail chain anklets which wrap around your ankles in a subtle manner to keep you looking trendy at all times.

  • Indo-Western Blend

The indo-western fusion anklets feature a thick chain with gold jingles or charms hanging from the same. These anklets look best when sported with boho gowns for your next beach vacation.

  • Zipper Anklet Style

Your search for a unique design ends with the zipper anklet style which creates the illusion of your skin zipped with a half-open chain. The design usually features a bronze hued chain for a livelier look.

  • Twisted Rope

The twisted rope anklet design resembles a bracelet and looks best when sported with cigarette cut jeans.

  • Cross-leg anklets

Cross-leg anklets are an absolute rage amongst modern-day fashionistas. They mostly feature black bead with a tassel shaped cross dangling from its end. You can team up this single leg anklet with short dresses and nice high stilettos.

  • Letter Anklets

Letter-anklets can serve you well if you wish to express yourselves creatively and in a highly personalized manner. They might be made up of yellow gold, rose gold, silver or even crochet and feature a metal name bar or maybe hand stamped letters strung with each other.

  • Birthstone Anklets

Birthstones are known to possess immense power in aligning your astronomical chakras. You can wear them in style around your leg by taking your pick amongst pearls, turquoise, cat-eye, crystals, cubic zirconia etc.

With time, the design of anklets has undergone substantial variations. If you wish to highlight your feet, then you should readily try out the cool designs it has to offer. Afterall, your feet can have a big role to play in shaping your entire personality and these ethereal anklets can serve as your ultimate ally in making a style statement.

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