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Home Renovation Costs for 2020

Home renovation is a great method of improving your home and getting your dream home. You end up spending less than what you would have spent on new construction and still get the same results you hoped for. There is no specific timeline for home renovations but most people renovate at least once in their lives. Sometimes you may be forced to consider renovation when the house becomes damaged from natural causes like storms. Whatever the case, you can come up with your own home Renovation ideas and work with a home constructor to implement them.

Factors affecting renovation costs

Renovations need proper planning which means you have to work with the best contractors. There are several Kent building contractors you can work with if you live around the area. Just make sure you get a quotation before the work commences. The quotation is determined by the type of renovation and the amount of work that has to be out in. As such, the amount you’ll spend on kitchen renovation will not be the same as the amount you spend on bathroom or deck renovation.

The damage that has been done on the building also affects the pricing. For instance, if your kitchen was flooded you’ll spend more than someone who just wants to make the kitchen more modern. The more work that has to be done the more money you’ll have to pay. If you have complicated home Renovation ideas you may end up paying more than someone whose ideas are simpler. The cost of the materials to be used and the size of the room also matter. If you want to extend your walls you may pay more than someone who isn’t extending their rooms.

House renovation rates are also affected by the type of house. Condos, apartments, townhouses, and farmhouses all have different requirements when it comes to renovations. Condos will cost between £65 to £90 per square foot while townhouses will cost between £9 to £30 per square foot. Renovating a square foot of a Victorian house, on the other hand, will cost between £18 to £180.

Home renovation costs

Kent building contractors usually charge between £25 and £56 per hour on remodeling projects. However, this may vary depending on the specific room being renovated and the home Renovation ideas to be implemented. Cost may vary depending on the locations.

Kitchen renovations could cost you between £5000 to £15,000 depending on the extent of the remodel. Fireplace renovations, on the other hand, will cost you between £3000 and £6000 depending on the amount of work to be done. For example, if you sweep the chimney yourself or if the fire doesn’t have to be surrounded by tiles then the cost will be on the lower end. If your renovation idea is to install a central heating system then be ready to part with at least £6,000. The price can be more depending on the types of materials used. Bathroom renovations will cost $10,000 to £15,000.


Kent building contractors have different skills that you must consider when looking to hire someone. Only work with a contractor that has the ability to deliver the exact skills you need for your renovation project. This is the only way to guarantee that they’ll implement your home renovation ideas with precision. Make sure you understand the costs as well before signing a contract.