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Realistic Ways to Make Money Online During the Pandemic

It’s no secret that the Internet provides a myriad of options to make money.

During the pandemic, it is time to get creative when it comes to making income. You don’t have to be among the people who lost their job due to COVID-19 to look for a way to make money. Whether you’re looking for a side gig or a way to make money in the long term, the Internet provides you with means. The truth is that making money online is easy when you own the right knowledge and skills. Freelancing has always been a popular way to earn income, but the Internet also has other options. Remote jobs are more popular than ever, seeing a 7% growth in listings during the spring months.

Here is a list of realistic ways to make money from home during the pandemic.

Get paid to write

For the ones passionate about books and writing, this is the perfect moment to get started. Yes, there are tons of online writing jobs that don’t pay enough to make a living, but few websites pay the writers who create high-quality, relevant content. If you want to write fiction, platforms like Wattpad and Radish pay some of their authors. But if you prefer creating articles on various subjects you can check the following:

  • Income Diary pays from $200 to $500 per article and focuses on subjects that teach people how to make money online.
  • iWorkWell pays $200 per article and addresses SMEs and HR professionals who want to share their knowledge.
  • Listverse pays $100 per article and is a listicle platform.
  • Longreads – it doesn’t specify how much it pays for articles, but users state that they received from $500 to $1500. It accepts long-form articles, so make sure to check their instructions before submitting them.
  • All Pet Voice – you get $75 per article. It’s a piece of cake to craft blogs for it if you love animals.
  • A Fine Parent – for parents locked in the house with their children, this parenting platform offers $75 per accepted article.

Check the existing content on all websites before creating content. Some may ask you to provide pitches from the main article to check if it fits their criteria. Freelancer writers have regular clients, but they also write for some particular web pages to build a portfolio or create a niche.

Take surveys

Have you ever thought that you could make money by taking surveys? It’s a side gig that requires a minimum investment in expense and time. You can answer questions while watching your favorite TV show on Netflix, walk your dog, or listen to a podcast. The payment depends on the survey provider, some organizations offer vouchers for participants, but others send an established sum via PayPal.

While the task requires low effort, it can take some time to earn enough to make a decent living only from participating in surveys.

Surveys pay from $0.05 to $10 each, with most gravitating towards the lower end of the spectrum. A few websites that pay you for answering their questions are OneOpinion, Survey Junkie, Lifepoints, Swagbucks, Prolific, and YouGov.

Online tutoring

While most of you have never dreamed of becoming teachers, online tutoring pays off, so you can now try that schools are locked and parents desperate to educate their children at home (or more precisely desperate to keep them busy). With no traditional teaching at hand, there’s been a high rise in the number of parents looking for an online tutor. You don’t have to be a teacher to tutor; you only need in-depth knowledge of a specific subject, communication skills, and the feel that you can keep your students engaged.

You don’t have to look for students on your own with so many websites available that link tutors with clients. Figure out the subject you want to teach; it can be anything, from chemistry to music, crafts, painting, and foreign languages. What’s your best skill? Transform it into a teaching course.

If this is the first time you teach students, and you’re anxious, start with a lesson plan, it will help you stay organized. Check online for free courses explicitly created for tutors who need help you prepare a lesson.

Online casinos

Without a doubt, you wonder how you can make money by registering with an online casino. As you can expect, the answer isn’t simple; there’s no XYZ equation you follow and get rich. With an online casino, the opportunities are enormous, but you need skills and knowledge to pick the right strategy. The best approach differs for each type of online betting, so when you research, check information regarding the category you prefer.

If you ever hung around a casino, or your friends shared their experience, you probably know that a system is required to beat a game.

There is no secret system to get you rich overnight, but some strategies can grow your chances of winning. You can earn enough to make a living, and many gamblers go years wining at games and making online betting their full-time job.

Test websites

You spend most of your time scrolling through various websites, so why not making money by testing websites? Companies are looking for testers to tell them if their web pages are user-friendly. A small adjustment can make a website more enjoyable, and it makes sense for online merchants to get opinions from their target public rather than just the ones of their employees and marketing team. Companies pay from $5 to $90 per test, but most criteria pay $10 and send it directly into your bank account.

Here is a list of websites that pay you to text web pages: Userfeel, Try my UI, Userlytics, and User Testing.

You don’t need digital skills to become a website tester; you only need to answer the questions the company asks sincerely, for the platform to match you with prospective clients. If you want to brush your skills, you can join an online course that introduces you to user experience and helps you understand what people are looking for when accessing a website.

Here are our top choices for ways to make money online if the COVD-19 locked you in your house.

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