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What are the Positive Side Effects of Vaping?

What is vaping?

Most people don’t know what Vaping is. They end up confusing it with smoking. Vaping and smoking are two different things. In fact, vaping came about to replace smoking. There are several benefits of vaping compared to smoking regular cigarettes. Vaping occurs through electronic cigarettes which purpose is to deliver nicotine to the body but in a very different way from smoking. Unlike cigarettes that work by burning tobacco leaves, electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping products, don’t contain any tobacco.

The electronic cigarette is usually filled with liquid that mostly contains nicotine. The electronic cigarette has a small heating element that heats the liquid component to vapor. The vapor is inhaled through the mouth through a process called vaping. Remember, in electronic cigarettes, there is no combustion taking place, therefore there is no smoke. Electronic cigarettes come with inbuilt rechargeable batteries.

The vapor-liquid is obtained from mixtures of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. The nicotine content present in the liquid is measured from 0 nicotine to 36mgs of nicotine. And the e-liquid is usually labeled with the level of nicotine present for the user to know its strength. Vaping has several positive side effects and benefits compared to a regular traditional cigarette.

Positive side effects of vaping

We all know that vaping has negative side effects, but that doesn’t mean it has no positive ones. Most of the positive side effects are derived from comparing it with smoking. According to research done on vapers, vaping is healthier than smoking. The following are some of these positive effects.

Instant satisfaction

When it comes to silencing cravings vaping is more convenient due to its design. In most vapes, the process is quick to satisfy the user. Once you press the heater button, the liquid immediately converts to vapor, ready for you to inhale. The presence of an inbuilt rechargeable battery and coils that makes all this possible.

No noxious odors

This is one of the most significant advantages of vaping. Several people don’t like the smell that comes with smoking, especially passive smokers. Vaping has solved that problem with its different flavors. Some flavors have a fantastic aroma that other people will notice and compliment, others are noticeable. With vaping, you will meet your cravings in a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable way.

Helps quit smoking

According to research, several people who quit smoking use vaping in their initial stages. They usually use vaping for the first three months into their journey of quitting smoking. Others prefer to switch to vaping than smoking due to its numerous benefits. Those who want to quit smoking will usually start vaping with high levels of nicotine. With time they slow down the nicotine levels until they finally vape with 0 nicotine.

Less addictive

Smoking regular cigarettes is highly addictive and difficult to quit due to high nicotine levels. Vaping has different nicotine levels that are small, medium, and high. The small and medium levels are less addictive and easy to quit as compared to smoking regular tobacco.

Less harmful to the environment

Vaping is safer for the environment as compared to smoking. Every year we usually encounter cases of fire caused by carelessly discarded cigarette butts. Smoking also causes pollution to the environment through the harmful chemicals found in tobacco, contributing to the greenhouse effect. Vaping does not have any risk to the environment.

Less harmful to others

Smoking is not only harmful to the user but also the people around the smoker. There are health issues associated with passive smokers like cancer and coronary disease. On the other hand vaping is safer for the people around you as second hand vapor is less harmful to breathe.

Can reduce high blood pressure

Traditional tobacco smoking puts the user at risk of high blood pressure. The harmful chemicals in tobacco build up in the arteries affecting the normal flow of blood. When this happens, it can lead to chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and coronary artery disease, among other diseases. According to research done on people who have shifted from smoking to vaping, it was evident there was a reduction in blood pressure. Despite nicotine consumption in vaping, the blood pressure for vapers is mostly normal.

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