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Top 6 Garage Doors in the Market Today

The kind of garage you have determines the first appeal and impression of your home. More often the garage door forms the first face to your home especially if you own suburban home. Many garage doors are made to suit drive-right-in option for convenience in homes. Doing upgrade to your garage door is a typical home improvement activity that requires careful planning.

This blog post discusses the six best options. These are high-end garage doors offered at tip-top garage doors – Charlotte NC having customizable selections to help enhance your garage door as an excellent complement to the design of your home.

Lux Garage Doors Model 650 10-Foot Door

This is a light duty garage door made of steel. The Lux Garage Doors Model 650 is designed to fit a range of garages. It’s a 26-gauge corrugated door, fabricated with a curtain of steel that is galvanized. The door is then coated using durable polyester paint supported by the integrity of the 40-year film. The paint stays for about 25 years without fading. These high-end features facilitate the functionality of Lux Garage Doors so you won’t replace your door regularly.

American Garage Doors Dock Door

The American Garage Doors Dock door are currently the top commercial door you can get on the market. The door is 9 x 7.5 feet in size and serves both residential and commercial purposes. The door is thick enough to provide the necessary insulation to your garage. The garage door comes with U-shaped bottom astragal, that guards your garage against elements, a property that promotes this doors rate of functionality. American garage doors dock door has heavy-duty commercial rollers for efficiency. The unit is designed as a two-sided to ensure durability and efficiency. If you’re a commercial operator, this is your best match especially now that the door is a heavy-duty construction.

Eden Coast Composite Garage Doors

This door is manufactured from a composite material that is an eco-friendly garage door. The door is lightweight, greener, and durable than any other construction materials. Eden coast composite garage doors can be customized to match any project.

Dynamic Garage Door

If you are after an authentic look and feel, the electric garage door is here for you. The garage door is made of hardwood and steel that is proved to be environmentally friendly. The door will make your home a stunning environment.

Asante Garage Door

The Asante garage door is designed and manufactured from a combination of glass plus a sturdy frame made of aluminum. The is a truly modern look, and the good thing is that the glass part of the door can be customized to give room for the light of varying levels to get access. The steel frame enhances the durability of the door.

Athena Garage Doors

This garage door another unit of garage door that combines both glass and metal. The is made simple, durable construction and the modern trend of garage doors. This garage door can be customized to allow room for various colors, dimensions, and transparencies.


The garage door you buy should give you the value of your money and the intended service. The door should be great, facilitate security of your garage, improve the appeal of your business premises, or home, and above it should operate nicely and last long. You have queries about garage doors, Tip Top Garage Doors – Charlotte NC is here to help.