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Things to  know about Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinets

If you are struggling with painted cabinets, you need to try out natural oak cabinets for the list of their benefits is endless. A quick look at richly styled oak cabinetry paired with classy and sophisticated hardware can stun you. Whether you prefer a rustic, traditional, suburban, or contemporary-styled scullery, these drawers will help you discover your design. 

Explore everything about natural oak kitchen cabinets in this article. Discover proven solutions to transform your home with natural wood cabinets. 

What are Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinets?

From the 80 towards the 90s hardwoods like maple, oak, cherry, and teak, were widely used to design various kinds of furniture, more so, cabinets. However, with the prevalence of colored drawers, laminate and melamine materials, the popularity of natural wood cabinets dwindled with time. 

Nevertheless, it seems designers and homeowners have realized they made a mistake by choosing artificial materials for they have proved to be very expensive and less durable compared to natural wood. Natural wood cabinets are now more popular than ever. 

Oak is the hardwood that is currently topping the list of trending natural wood cabinet materials. Natural oak kitchen cabinets are versatile in terms of designs; from traditional to contemporary, accessorized to un-accessorized.

Here are their notable features. 

 #3: Oak Wood Finishes

Oak is distinguished from other hardwoods by its open-grained finish engulfed by a pale honey shade. The hard-grained finish is water-resistant and strong. You can easily identify it by feeling it with your hands or by reflecting rays of light upon it. 

#2: Varieties

As I observed earlier, oak cabinets exist in multiple varieties. Whether you prefer classic, rustic, traditional, or modern cabinet designs, you can always find what you want if you choose oak. In this regard, natural oak kitchen cabinets can align with all kitchen designs, from classic or traditional to modern or contemporary designs. 

#1: Long-Lasting Beauty

The highly visible pale-honey color of oak cabinets is nothing less than attractive. Whether you glaze, varnish, polish, or leave it in its natural state, this stain can be the aesthetic highlight of your scullery, especially if you pair it with the right colors. 

If you like two-toned drawers, you can easily mix-march the pale-honey tone with your favourite color. Because of their natural surfaces, oak drawers have smoother surfaces for painting. 

Advantages of Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Now that you have uncovered the various features that define natural oak kitchen cabinets, you need to know their benefits if you want to get value from them. 

Below are their benefits. 

  • Ease of Maintenance 

Because they are strong and durable, hardwoods, including oak, are very easy to work with, whether in terms of cleaning or repair. Due to the coarse texture of oak cabinets, they are scratch and water-resistant. Hence, they are easy to take care of compared to cabinetries with artificial materials. 

  • Simplicity in Styling

Regardless of whether you go for oak cupboards in their all-natural state or their painted varieties, you will find out that natural oak cabinets-painted or unpainted-are all about simplicity in terms of styling. Because they are less ornamented, oak cabinets are compatible with all kitchen designs. 

  • Multiple Design Options

Because of their versatility, natural oak kitchen cabinets can provide you with multiple design options if you choose them for your scullery. Their neutral shade can blend with many different colors. With natural oak cabinets, you can design the cookhouse design of your dreams, whether it’s rustic, traditional, modern, or contemporary. 

  • Ease of Access

Considering their all-natural background in terms of material, oak cabinets are cheaper and easier to access. Compared to artificial materials like laminate and melamine, cut wood is always readily available. 

How to Enhance the Outlook of Oak Cabinets

Because of their neutral appeal, natural oak cabinets can look old or unattractive, especially if you don’t take care of them properly. Nonetheless, the following hacks can help you enhance the outlook of oak cupboards.  

Paint the Cabinetry

Natural oak kitchen cabinets are very easy to paint, thanks to the coarse surface of oak wood. To apply your favourite paint on the drawers, you need to sand them first before applying primer. However, you should consider the following;

  • Cost of repainting
  • The colors in your kitchen (your kitchen’s visual design aesthetics)
  • Your budget

Accessorize the Cabinets

Un-accessorized natural oak cabinets can look old-school or vintage, especially if you don’t pair them with kitchen hardware with bold or brighter shades. Depending on your design preferences, you can either install rustic or contemporary ornaments and fixtures to beautify your natural oak cupboards. 

Ensure Regular Maintenance 

Like any other cabinetry design, natural oak kitchen cabinets require regular cleaning and maintenance. Your drawers might look untidy, rustic, or old simply because you don’t clean them often or because of worn-out parts or fixtures like handles, pulls, and hinges. 

Trending Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

  • Modern Natural Oak Cabinets

If you love modern fashion, modern natural oak kitchen cabinets are the best for you. They come in trendy designs and feature luxurious hardware, including metallic and glass materials. From closed-shelved, and open-shelved, to speciality cupboards, modern oak cabinets come in varieties. 

  • Painted Natural Oak Cabinets

Regardless of your favourite cabinetry design, painted natural oak cabinets should be your option if you don’t like the pale honey tone of oak in its natural state. There are many painted oak cabinet varieties you can choose from, provided you know the design aspects of the interior you want to install them.  

  • Open-Shelved Natural Oak Cabinets

Is your kitchen hall small in size? If yes, then you need to go for open-shelved natural oak cabinets. Due to their open layout, they will be valuable at creating the impression of a large cookhouse. In addition, open-shelved oak cupboards will enhance the functionality of your cooking area, thanks to the extra storage space you can get from them. 

Are Natural Oak Kitchen Cabinets Worth it?

Natural oak cabinets are arguably worth every homeowner’s attention. They are not only beautiful in terms of visual appearance but also very functional in terms of ease of using them. Moreover, these drawers can fit in any type of kitchen, whether traditional, modern, transitional, or contemporary. Because they are natural, these drawers are considerably cheaper compared to cabinets designed with artificial materials. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for cabinetry designs that will give you better value for your hard-earned money, natural oak kitchen cabinets should be your first choice. They are very easy to access, affordable, and very versatile. Besides these, these drawers can fit in any type of kitchen. 

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