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All About Denim Jeggings

Well wrapped around the body, jeggings, a mixture of jeans and legging, fill the wardrobe in the four seasons. Famous in the early 2000s, it returns with more class, able to be combined for more casual or for more sophisticated looks.

What are denim jeggings?

Even tighter than skinny jeans, jegging brings twice as much elastane, which makes the pants more comfortable to wear and easier to wear. The waistband imitates perfectly a traditional jeans, with front and back pockets, zipper and buttons.

Fashion pants have evolved in recent years and are reaching store shelves more full-bodied, freeing the owner of unpleasant transparencies caused by excessively stretched fabric, and with new washes, passing away from the appearance of a pure and simple legging.

The perfect jegging is as faithful as possible to a normal jeans. At the time of purchase, pass away from the models with exaggerated wear on the thighs, which makes the legs look more plump. Pay special attention to the bar, leaving the hem just above the instep, which will allow you to wear the piece with a sneaker, tennis shoe or high heel, without excess tissue and compromising the production.

The perfect denim jegging

We suggest you to try on Freddy’s denim jeggings, the fabric soft, comfortable and highly elastic. The regular fit is practical and aesthetically versatile, suitable to complete a casual sports outfit.

Another amazing thing about these push up jeans is the elastic waistband that is hidden in the fabric, in the interior of the pants. This elastic band easily adapts to your silhouette and allows you to increase the grip of the trousers, even during busy activities without having that awful feeling of loosing them.

The leg has a soft line, which ends with a straight bottom. On the side there is a small and discreet Freddy logo.

Always look for the Freddy logo on the back and the inscription “Freddy” on the loop of the pants.

Push-up jeans with a shaping leggings effect will make you feel more confident, and let’s say it: who doesn’t deserve a little push of confidence.

Now you can wear again those fashions clothes that you were afraid were highlighting your imperfections, without any fear.

How can you wear your soon beloved denim jeggings?

Casual: Jegging pants are democratic and accept all kinds of shoes. For casual productions, it combines with high-pedal tennis and the short model. In the summer, it falls like a glove with a crawl and a sneaker.

Tidy: To increase the glamour of production, invest in the jump. Models with tones close to the skin colour help lengthen the silhouette, regardless of the colour of the trousers. Here’s the tip: the more open the shoe, the lighter the look.

Style trick: Do like the Parisians and fold the pants ending. The style loved by Europeans makes the look more fun. The folded bar fits well with a shoe and taller models of shoes as well.