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Can Pollen Damage Your Car Paint?

We are getting closer to spring. For car enthusiasts, the warmer weather means more Sunday cruisers and car shows. Many people are excited about the change in seasons. However, the spring also comes with some serious pollen. You may wonder whether this can damage your car paint. Should you be buying all weather car covers to protect your paint job? How can you avoid damage in the spring?

Does Pollen Damage Paint?

Pollen is a fine powder produced by plants. It is the male component of the reproductive cycle of many plants. It also tends to get everywhere during the height of the spring. While it typically is little more than a nuisance, pollen can get all cover the exterior of your vehicle.

The unfortunate news is that, yes, it can damage your car paint. Pollen typically has microscopic thorns that help it stick to surfaces. Millions of these little thorns can make microscopic scratches in your topcoat. Additionally, pollen is acidic. As you likely already know, leaving acidic substances on your vehicle can damage the paint job.

Typically, the acidity of pollen is not a problem unless mixed with water. However, the spring has another defining feature: rain. If you find your vehicle in the unfortunate situation of being both covered in pollen and rained on, you may be sad to see the results for your paint. This is an all-too-common issue in the spring.

What Can You Do?

The good news is that with the best outdoor car cover for your car or truck, you can avoid both the pollen and the rain. Simply slip the cover on whenever you are parking for the day or overnight. Better yet, this will protect your vehicle against all sorts of hazards including scratching, bird droppings, dirt, dust and many more.

Make sure you find a high-quality cover. Some of the lower-end options are not sufficiently breathable. This means that moisture can get stuck under the cover, causing damage to your paint and body.

Of course, cleaning your vehicle regularly is also important. As mentioned, however, water can cause the acidic damage from pollen to be significantly worse. Try dusting your car off before you begin cleaning with water. A car duster should do the trick nicely. You can also dust between cleanings to help reduce the risk of pollen damage.

Consider waxing your car or applying a ceramic coat. These protective steps will help keep the pollen away from your paint job. Between this and a cover, you should be in good shape to avoid the worse of the pollen’s effects.

Finally, remember the interior of your vehicle. Between pollen, rain and dirt, there are plenty of risks in the spring that could cause your beloved vehicle’s interior to get very messy.
Custom seat covers can help protect your interior whenever you drive. Whether you want to protect a daily driver or a show car, covers can keep everything in pristine condition.

Get Started

The spring will be here soon, so it is time to get the protective and cleaning supplies you need. Order some covers, a duster and cleaning products to help you fight the damaging effects of pollen.