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Home Foundation Repair – Avoid Risks and Ensure Safety

Home foundation repair is an important part of homeownership. If your home has been built on soil, the foundation may have problems that cause it to settle unevenly, which in turn causes it to become weaker over time. It cracks, breaks, expands, and sometimes leaks. Most of the time, the problem is a lack of proper waterproofing materials.

Cost of Foundation Repair:

The cost of foundation repairs varies greatly depending on the amount of damage, the severity of the problem, and labor involved. There are many other additional considerations like inspections and licensing that you must also consider. So let’s take a closer look at the different repairs you have to make, and what they will cost you:

If your home has severe damage, you may need to have the entire home foundation repaired. For example, your crawl space may be leaking, causing your foundation to sink. Or you may have a crack in your foundation or the wall, and it will require extensive repairs. In this case, it would be best to contact a Charlotte foundation repair company for a quote right away. These professionals can perform a wide variety of repairs.


This is a more common problem than you may think, especially if you live in the Charlotte area. Foundation cracks often are not noticed until the damage has been done, because the small cracks appear as larger cracks over time. Small cracks can be filled in with a topical resin and patched in, but large cracks usually require a professional foundation repair job. The cost to repair cracks may include removal of damaged drywall, concrete or padding, repairing any sagging interior floor, replacement of damaged sheetrock, caulking and painting. Most repairs require no prior notice, so if you have cracks in your home, contact a Charlotte home foundation repair company as soon as possible.


If your home is leaking, there are several likely sources including structural crack(s), cracked plumbing, leaking roof materials, sagging interior floor materials or leaking foundation walls and ceiling. Depending on the location of the leaking, you may only need patching of damaged areas or extensive waterproofing. In some cases, you may even need to remove and replace rotten floorboards.

Sidewalks, Driveways and Decks:

Sidewalks, driveways and decks that are buckled or leaning may be signs of structural problems within the foundations of the home. Signs of settling can include uneven sidewalks, potholes in the roads, pool-type cracks, missing or lose paving, uneven driveway bases and rising walls. Many of these problems will fix themselves with concrete resurfacing in Tampa FL, seal coating and repair. Paving should never be done without the proper guidelines and approved by the city. Falling bricks, falling trees, leaning gates and damaged retaining walls are all common signs of a settling foundation.

Hire Professional Company:

One of the most important steps when doing foundation repair or removal is to hire a professional concrete company that has experience in dealing with all types of concrete work. A good concrete company will use an automatic trowel, anchor and weight system to repair foundations as well as non-structural concrete projects. Non-structural foundations include pools, spas, hot tubs, tennis courts, brick patios, and retaining walls. If you’re not sure what type of foundation repair you need, contact a structural engineer to get the best estimate possible before starting any work.

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