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How to Launder Sunbrella Patio Cushions

Buying patio furniture that isn’t water-resistant can be somewhat hectic. It gets boring when there is a drizzle, and you have to wait for your long for your cushions to dry. Aside from that, a little splash on your couch could cause it to seem somewhat uncomfortable. It is only imperative that you seek a way to launder your sunbrella patio cushion easily in such conditions. 

A sunbrella patio cushion is a 100% solution-dyed Sunbrella acrylic fabric that is both non-porous, with a barrier finish on the backside. It is both durable, waterproof, and has anti-fading features. The Sunbrella Patio cushion is easy to clean with a simple solution of mild soap and water. This article will speak on the various ways to clean the Sunbrella patio furniture in Toronto

What is the Sunbrella Patio Cushion?

As mentioned earlier, the Sunbrella Patio Cushion is a 100% solution-dyed Sunbrella acrylic fabric with a non-porous outer material. It is well known for being waterproof, durable and giving its users a five-year warranty on each purchase. With the Sunbrella Patio Cushion, you don’t have to worry about your furniture getting drenched during rainfall. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about your furniture experiencing photobleaching during the summer. 

Who Needs Sunbrella Patio Cushions?

Sunbrella Patio cushions are best suited for environments that experience heavy precipitation, moisture, and mildew exposure. Since you will ideally be placing these cushions outside your home, they are prone to accumulating a large amount of water. If you plan on placing your cushion around pools or hot tubs, then the Sunbrella Patio Cushion is the perfect candidate for this job since it can receive a substantial amount of soaking. 

The Sunbrella Patio Cushion is also great for individuals who are rarely available at home. Its exquisite features can withstand high moisture content; even its production material makes it easy to clean without getting the fabric stained. You can enjoy both comfort, durability, and sustainability at the same time when you use the Sunbrella Patio Cushion.

Is Cleaning the Patio Furniture in Toronto easy?

Cleaning your patio has never been easier! The Sunbrella Patio Cushion makes it easy for you to clean your furniture without stressing your hands or mind. Irrespective of how long it has been dusty or stained, the Sunbrella Patio furniture in Toronto is easy to clean, with its excellent and durable production material.

Why is the Sunbrella Patio Cushion Popular?

Most Sunbrella Patio Cushions are waterproof. With the Sunbrella Patio Cushion, cleaning your patio furniture in Toronto can be considered very easy. All you need to have is a solution of mild soap and water, along with a piece of dried rag. Cleaning patio furniture in Toronto has never been so comfortable!

Aside from that, the Sunbrella patio cushion uses a breathable sunbrella mesh panel installed behind the buffer to ensure that moisture quickly escapes. Its full-coverage flap that covers the mesh panel ensures that the cushion is always dry while providing a sleek, finished appearance. Another great feature of the Sunbrella Patio cushion is that it is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. It is compatible with all layouts and color schemes that your home might have. 

Is Sunbrella Patio Furniture Popular in Toronto?

Sunbrella Patio Furniture is highly effective in keeping you comfortable and satisfied with its easy-clean features. It is also durable and great for use in all regions with various weather conditions.

How to Launder Sunbrella Patio Cushion

Cleaning your Sunbrella Patio Cushion is very simple. If you’re still confused about the process, follow our simple guidelines in the section below. 

  • First, choose a sunny day to clean your Sunbrella Cushions.
  • After reading the label on your cushion, ensure that you know the proper materials to clean the cushion. 
  • If your outdoor cushion covers are detachable, you could try machine washing, as it is the easiest method of cleaning them.
  • Always air-dry your Sunbrella covers. 


It would help if you first cleaned the frame’s cushions throughout the whole cleaning process. Ensure that you brush off dirt or vacuum the cushion before using any cleaning product on them. Prepare a cleaning solution containing no more than 2 ounces or a quarter mild soap per gallon of lukewarm water. Using too much soap will make the cleaning process harder; hence, using a sponge or soft bristle brush to clean the material is the best option. Allow the cleaning solution to soak into the fabric, and after you have cleaned the cushion, rinse off all soap residue. Your final step should be to take the furniture’s cushions and stand them up on their sides to allow the fabric to air-dry before use. Ensure you dry-off the wet frames to prevent water spots. 


First, try brushing off dirt or vacuum the cushion before using any cleaning product on them. You know that the Sunbrella cushion with fabric doesn’t support mildew or germs’ growth, irrespective of the weather conditions. To clean mold or stubborn stains:

  1. Prepare a cup of bleach and a quarter cup of mild soap per gallon of clean water.
  2. Spray the mixture on the entire area and soak it into the fabrics for about 15 minutes.
  3. Clean the stain with a sponge or towel before rinsing thoroughly with clean water to remove the soap residue.
  4. Air-dry the material before using it once again.

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