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The Amazing Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are becoming more and more popular these days. More people today who want their pool installed sooner tend to go by this option. Among the many benefits that these pools have, they are associated with less long-term maintenance. Awesome bi-luminite colours of fiberglass pools are nice to behold too. In this piece, however, you shall be brought up to speed with some of the benefits of installing these swimming pools over the other options available.

1. Low Maintenance

First of all, these pools are easier to maintain when compared to those made of concrete. The average customer spends approximately 45 minutes each week to maintain their pools. You will be surprised on just how much time pool owners spend to maintain their concrete pools every week.

2. Faster Installation

Most companies that install fiberglass pools spend as little as seven days to install them. This is because they are installed as one piece. Once the shell is ready, the installation can take about a week and is not so much dependent on the weather like other pools. Pools made from different material like concrete or vinyl liners require specific weather conditions when installing, to prevent them from damage while installing. Fiberglass, however, requires ideal conditions just for the safety of the installation contractor. This material is not vulnerable to unforgiving weather conditions like rain or fluctuating temperatures.

3. Durable

These pools are strong and durable, and chances of them to get damaged are rare. While vinyl pools also are rare to get damaged, these ones outshine vinyl and concrete pools by far. In the end, there is less damage risk and a lower maintenance cost. Dog claws often puncture liner pools, the sharp end the pool pole and many other non-pool safe objects, and most of these are not a concern to fiberglass pools.

4. Low lifetime cost

Swimming pools are a great investment. From the day they are installed, they will continue to offer you and your family health benefits for long. However, this cannot be enjoyed for long if routine maintenance is not adhered to. Maintenance comes with an additional cost over the long-term. When you compare a fiberglass pool with other pools, you will learn that the overall maintenance cost is significantly lower even as fiberglass may have a higher upfront cost when purchasing. These pools cost you less money to own in the long run.

5. No sore feet

If you have tried to play volleyball on a concrete pool, you will understand how fast your feet will start to suffer under the concrete floor. This is because of the concrete texture. Nonetheless, fiberglass is smoother and never does it cause bloody toes. Neither does this material harbor algae growth in little crevices. We can’t say the same for concrete pools.


As a homeowner, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing your preferred pool. While the initial cost is given more preference, also try to think of the best material for your pool. Look at the benefit of each material as well as its drawbacks. In the end, choose the material that will suit your needs. Overall, fiberglass pools are far much the best.