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What Are The Best Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home?

Natural light is what makes your house a home. If you want to make your space more welcoming, you need to provide more natural light. If you’re going to enjoy the scenery, you need to organize your home to have more natural light.

Aside from affecting the overall ambiance of your home, natural light can also do wonders for your health, as well as your family’s. For one, natural light is a great source of vitamin D that can prevent bone loss and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Natural light may also help ward off feelings of depression, improve sleep, and manage certain skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Skylight repairs isn’t something to take lightly, so you’d want to contact the experts at Clear-Vue Skylights

Plus, houses with more natural light can be sold faster and for more money. This means the more natural light that enters your home, the easier it’ll be for you to attract potential homebuyers.

Moreover, Did you know that natural light can boost your body’s “feel-good” serotonin levels? Living in a home that has access to natural light can improve your mental wellness, allowing you to have a more positive outlook.

Expose your body to more natural light if you want to feel happier and healthier. Here is how you can do it easily.

Paint Your Eaves White

You are not sure what eaves are? Eaves are overhangs created by your roof, that can be left open, or covered with a simple horizontal soffit.

This section is responsible for reflecting natural light into your home. So, paint them white. This is an effective and budget-friendly move to boost natural light in every room to your home.

For this strategy to work, make sure that your roof is in perfect working condition. Painting your eaves in white when you have a leaking roof will only cause stains, preventing you from increasing the natural light in your home.

Make sure to hire pros such as Direct Roofing Systems to check and repair your roof before you paint your eaves in white.

Use Lightweight Curtains

May sound silly, but simpler the solution has more powerful effectiveness. Dark and thick curtains may be useful for creating a sleeping mood, but if you want more natural light, you should go for lightweight and bright curtains.

If you insist on darker curtains, think about black-out shades that can be rolled down before you go to bed. However, stick to lighter curtains or blinds when it comes to the living and dining room and other social areas of your home.

Natural light can easily enter your home when you use lightweight curtains made from nylon net, eyelet cotton fabric, and lace. The market is full of curtains made from these materials, so make sure that you carefully scout for options and buy one that suits your home’s aesthetics.

Aside from the material of the curtain, don’t forget to consider the color and the design as well.

Use Glass

If you want to maximize natural light into your home and also have proper isolation, you should think about installing a Bi-Fold glass door.

These doors provide the best of indoor-outdoor living. Bi-fold doors add authentic value to your home and create an open-plan interior space.

They can separate two individual rooms, offer better insulation and soundproofing when closed. Moreover, fantastic Bi-fold doors can be folded completely open when you need ample space. Bi-fold doors are both practical and beautiful.

You should definitely consider installing glass in different areas of your home, especially if your property offers breathtaking views of the great outdoors. Basking in natural light while being able to enjoy great sceneries outdoors will surely become a hobby once you have glass in your home!

Install Skylights in Your Ceiling

Skylights are a great way to pull in natural light. Skylights are also called ‘windows for the roof, although they are better in a way.

They provide more light, make the space more high-end, and offer a bit of outdoor scenery. Skylights are an excellent trait for summer nights or simply when you need extra air. Having skylights in your home will surely make your property more appealing and unique, allowing you to enjoy the night sky better. The best thing about skylights is that they are less likely to be shadowed by outdoor objects.

Use Mirrors to Add More Light

You don’t have to be an interior designer to use some hacks to improve your living space. To increase natural light, you just need to install more mirrors.

Mirrors provide a greater sense of space by providing an impression of doubled space. Moreover, mirrors can help you direct natural light into darker space, such as staircases and hallways. And as everyone knows, mirrors reflect light.

Mirrors are both functional and stylish. Double-check where the light hits in your home and opposition the mirror right to distribute natural light throughout the room.

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