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5 Ways To Make Your Studio Apartment Appear More Spacious

Like many people living in larger metropolitan areas, you might be living in a studio apartment or a small one-bedroom space. Just because you don’t have a lot of surface area does not mean that you can’t have a well-designed and beautifully-decorated living quarter. These 5 tips will guide you in setting up your home in a way that is both design-savvy and efficient. 

Add A Wall Mirror 

First things first, you must hang a mirror, or multiple mirrors in your home. The bigger the mirror, the better! Mirrors naturally catch light and trick our eyes to making a space seem brighter and more spacious. Why do you think high-end cocktail bars always have a mirror behind their bottle shelves? They instantly open up a space and draw our eyes in. 

Install Curtains 

Curtains are an easy way to make your ceilings seem taller and your home more sophisticated. When you walk into a room, your eyes are naturally drawn to the brightest spot, which is usually a window. By hanging curtains you are filtering light and drawing our eyes upwards, thus elongating the space. They also serve a major decorative importance by tying together different patterns and colors found throughout the rest of the room. 

Opt For Nesting Tables 

Instead of getting a large coffee table or matching side tables, try nesting tables. Not only do they carry a sleek mid-century modern design but they’re also highly space efficient. If you’re having people over and need more space, simply pull out the bottom two tables and you’ll have enough room for drinks and snacks! But on a daily basis, you can just use them as one table and save a lot of floor space. 

Get Things Off The Ground

Getting things off the ground simply means, the less stuff you have on the ground, the better. Instead of buying a floor lamp, install recessed lighting that won’t take up any floor space. Instead of buying a TV console, buy a TV mount and hang it on your wall. Keeping your things off the ground not only makes your apartment feel less cluttered but it also makes it easier to clean! 

Buy Furniture Strategically

The last and possibly most important tip in creating a space-efficient studio is buying furniture that could have been tailor-made for your home. This means that you can’t just buy an IKEA couch cause you like it. You must shop around for the couch that won’t eat up your space and will also look good in a small room. It might mean that you’ll take a bit more time to decorate your flat but it will be done strategically with intention and care.