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Things to Consider in Property Valuation

If you choose to sell or buy property, settle or divide property, you must get the value correctly in Brisbane. Getting the right estimates of the property can help you set the valuation. Also, it will be helpful when you’re seeking investments, taxation records, and property insurance.

In this article, we will discuss some things that you will have to consider if you want to get involved in the valuation process. Also, you will know how an appraiser can assist you in making the right choices.

Sales Comparison Approach

The most common method to get the real value of a property is the sales comparison approach. To understand the sales comparison approach, you need to talk to a valuer or a real estate agent. The sales comparison approach refers to the difference evident in two or more similar properties in the region that have been sold or rented out in the last year. Several investors would like to see the trends in valuation that have occurred in a specific duration.

It is heavily linked to the square foot valuations. For instance, if a 6,000 square foot property is sold at $5 per square foot, it will not be right for potential investors to use the same price when dealing with the rental income in the area. Even though the sales comparison approach is broad, it is vital to remember that each property is different and maybe valued more or less than the others. It will depend on improvements, facilities, repairs, and the region.

Cost of Replacement

Another method appraisers use to get the right property value is to estimate how much it will cost to reconstruct or replace it at market prices. If the total amount of replacement in the current condition is low, then the price to rebuild it to get the same services will be deemed to be in poor condition.

Cost Approach

Another common tactic is the cost approach. This method will help you get the actual value of a property that has been boosted by the rise of close buildings. The process will involve the number of buildings and lands. Also, you will consider the depreciation of the properties. Estimates will be used to get the right amount for the renovated property.
Previous Sale Prices

The first thing most appraisers, potential homebuyers and real estate agents look at is the previous sale prices of a particular property. If the property has been in the market in the last three years and with a marginal difference in pricing, it may not rise significantly. The history price will depend on several factors that have been discussed in this article.

Property Size and Aesthetics

The size of a home is crucial when you are planning to do property valuation. Most potential homebuyers will look at the price per square foot to know whether the value is reasonable. Large houses will sell for a high rate. You will have to think about the aesthetics of the home if you want to buy a home at the right price. The value will be high if the house is appealing and in excellent condition. So, if you’re a seller and want to sell your home at the right price, you should ensure it is attractive.


Another aspect to think about when you want to do property valuation is anything that will hinder the property’s value.

You will have to think about depreciations such as the following:

  • Factors that hinder the property, such as the property is near a loud bar or busy highway.
  • The property has old features and is not appealing by property owners. They include old ceilings and windows.
  • Deteriorations such as required roof replacement, landscape problems, and structural damage.

Why You Need to Work with a Professional

When you decide to get the actual value of a property, working with a reliable appraiser will help you get the job done correctly. An appraiser’s job is to record precise measurements to get the right valuation. With selling a property right on top of a seller’s mind, the appraiser will have to provide the correct estimates based on the market value so that the seller can yield a good return on their investment. Finding the real value of a property usually is essential when the seller is looking to offload a property that is a burden to him or her. That’s why it is vital to work with an appraiser if you want expertise and experience.