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What Happens If You Put The Lotion In Your Hair

With regards to beauty products, a large portion of us presumably is keen on multi-purpose items. Aloe vera gel, butter, and oils are items that are utilized often on the skin and hair.

So what we can assume about lotions? What happens if you put the lotion in your hair? Nothing bad happens. Although the whole idea of putting lotions in your hair seems like some stupid thoughts, that’s not how it is.

It might appear to be fairly eccentric yet you’d be astounded to know the response to the inquiry “Can I use lotion in hair, or Can I use lotion as a conditioner.” The appropriate response is a reverberating YES!

Indeed, lotions, for example, what you use for your hands, face, or body, has for quite some time been utilized as a type of moisturizing item to the hair. It is known to be one of the fundamental skincare things for its moisturizing and slippery properties. Even though it’s not as generally embraced, it’s really a powerful emollient for your scalp and hair that you could utilize when you’ve arrived behind schedule of your go-to hair items.

Before, we start answering your questions,  here is a solution to how to use lotion on hair.

How to use lotion on hair?

In utilizing moisturizer for your hair, do recollect that less is more and moderation is the vital key.

  • Firstly, you just need a spot or a dime-sized measure of lotion for your hair.
  • Rub the moisturizer on all fours continue to rub your scalp and run your hands all through your hair. Gently massage the hair.
  • You can likewise focus on the bunched-up regions, frizzy areas, or dry ends where you feel the need.

A lotion or a moisturizer is an extraordinary option and a great alternative for your hair serums, oils, and sprays. At the point when you end up coming up short on the vital hair items that you need to tame your bunched-up hair or moisturize your dry finishes, then, at that point, your go-to lotion on your end table could be your dearest companion. We hope so, that the answer of can you put moisturizer on your scalp is clear to you. You definitely can use your favorite moisturizers for nourishing your hair and use them as vital hair products. But, make sure that you check the label before the application of lotions in your hair. Moreover, don’t forget that moderation is the answer. The excess of anything is bad.