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Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring at Home

When renovating your residential or commercial space, hardwood flooring can bring a distinct permanence. Giving a vibrant feel, it falls entirely within your budget as well. The warmth, class and elegance of hardwood flooring make it grandiose, thereby enhancing the overall ambience of your room.

When going for hardwood floors for renovation or extension, there are a few pointers that you should not miss. The commonly used reclaimed floorboards are a beautiful feature; however, it also demands regular maintenance and upkeep.

In this article, we will address everything that you need to know about these flooring types.

Pros of hardwood flooring

Let us delve a little more to know why it remains a popular choice for centuries.

  • The brilliance that it adds to your home

The appearance of these floorings is what attracts most of us. It brings a unique grace and glint of your home interior that remains for years to come. Moreover, it amalgamates with your overall décor theme, be it modern, classic or rustic.

  • A promising long-term investment

Adding wooden flooring to your home brings significant value to your property. Many consider it a long-term investment as it adds to the resale value of your home. It is one flooring option for which the buyers are willing to pay an extra price.

  • Several options to choose from

There are good choices available to you when it comes to wooden flooring, pick the one depending on your budget and taste. The unique natural shade and texture of every single plank bring an aesthetic appeal that impresses everyone.

  • Quality that will last for generations

Any other flooring option will start to fade and wear down over time but not the wooden ones. Just a little bit of refurbishing and the floor is new and shiny again. In fact, with age, your flooring starts looking more exquisite.

  • Healthier indoor air

For the indoor environment, wooden flooring is a healthier option. No dust, pollen, particles or allergens get trapped as the case with carpets and tiles. It thereby contributes to healthier air quality indoors.

Cons of hardwood flooring

These costly flooring alternatives have a few disadvantages as well that you must consider.

  • The initial cost of material and installation

Yes, like all good things, this one is expensive too. The installation and material quality are costly. Furthermore, it is best if you had experienced professionals for the installation purpose else, it might seem like a waste when done.

  • Not the most suitable option for the entire home

It is not the best option if you are considering it for your entire home. Kitchen, bathrooms or spaces with high traffic are better without wooden flooring. In such areas, the wood gets damaged easily.

  • It is an abrasive surface

Yes, scratches can make your flooring precisely the way you won’t want it to be. There will be some wood types that are more prone to it. However, one can manage it with coatings or wax that makes the minor scratches ignorable.

  • Water is the biggest enemy

Being a natural material, wood always remains suspectable to water damage. You should dry the floor immediately else discolouration or buckling is common.

  • Termites can create havoc

These infestations are common with wooden flooring, and prevention is the only option here. Choose the right wood, and getting it treated may solve the problem for you.


Now that you are aware of what you are getting with the wooden flooring, you can best decide for yourself. The brilliance and the beauty of this flooring are hard to resist.