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The Simple Shift – A Calm Guide to Stress-less Home Moving

Moving to a new location can be a fun, even exciting, experience. The chance to explore a new environment, experience new things, and, if travelling far, the chance to enjoy a new culture can all be major motivations for moving. However, talking about moving to another location is much easier than actually doing it.

Nowadays, people have a few more choices when it comes to getting to a new location without the stress usually associated with moving home. For one, whether moving an entire home or a few rooms in an apartment, local removalists and the online community can help anyone move themselves to a new location with ease. If you are planning a move in the next couple of months, keep calm because transitioning to your new home can be much more straightforward than you may have thought.

Continue reading to learn how you can make moving home as stress-free as possible and arrive at your new location feeling relaxed.

Go With An Agenda

One of the best ways to avoid the panic and stress that sometimes accompanies a move is to devise a plan for moving. Not quite an agenda, but a to-do list can help those moving with a few tasks. For one, it is a visual reminder of what needs to be taken care of, and it can help you plan more effectively. When the day of the move actually arrives, movers and homeowners will find that the few last minute tasks are minor details that can be completed quickly and easily.

Take Inventory Of Your Stuff

Before actually packing up your personal belongings, take some time to go through and take inventory of all of the objects you have in your room. When living in a space for a long time, we accumulate a lot of stuff, which can make for moving to a new space difficult. As a task on your agenda, list all of the items in your home and decide whether these items should go to the new place or not.

Have A Garage Sale

At this point, you can discard items that are broken, worn, or incapable of being used. With items that are not used at all, consider holding a garage sale and unloading some of these items. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, and when going through your home, you might find that some of your unused treasures can be sold. Plus, a garage sale will help you trim down the number of items that need to be placed in the truck, which can potentially save you money as well in leasing a smaller truck.

Pack Up Non-Essentials

Homeowners can make the weeks coming into the move a little less stressful by packing items that are unneeded early. As opposed to waiting the week or a few days before your move, consider packing up each room early, so that the closer to your move out date you get, you have less to worry about. By the time of your actual move, you can potentially reduce your packing time by only packing the leftover essentials.

Plan For Delays

Whether moving through a removalist or leasing a truck and moving yourself, plan for all types of delays. Bad weather can tie up roads for any length of time and increase the amount of time it takes to complete the journey to your new home. These are not the only delays, as getting the rental might take longer than necessary. The point is to give yourself enough time to get to the places you need to before they close, such as truck rental, leasing offices and so on.

Removing The Stress From Moving

There are a million ways to de-stress a move. However, the best way is to list all of the tasks needed to complete the move and then execute each one giving yourself enough time. By the time you arrive at your new destination, you will feel organised, relaxed and ready to explore your new home without any stress whatsoever.