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How Long Can Casual Dating Last?

It lasts as long as you like. You can enjoy a casual for a night. Or you can enjoy them for months. However, the rules of each different. That is, each timespan has its pros and cons. We’ll look at few of those below. Explore each, and pick what suits you best!

Timespan #1–One Night Stands.

Self-explanatory. It’s a 1-time casual date. And you don’t have to take them home either. Sites like Adult Friend Finder are great to find a local hookup, you should look it up next time you want a casual date.


  • This type of dating has the least emotional attachments possible.
  • That is, you won’t feel the need to commit. You can have your fun once, and then forget that partner later.
  • With no strings attached, this relationship is good for quick tension relief.


  • It’s the most exhausting.
  • Why? Because if your approach is to hookup once and leave, you’re always fishing for new hookups…
  • You’re always hustling. You’ll always search for a new partner. And that can be more stressful than enjoyable.

So we recommend expanding the timescale a bit – to perhaps…

Timespan#2– 1 to 4 Weeks.

It’s long enough where you don’t get too attached. But it’s short enough, where you can move on quickly. This timescale comes with many advantages. In fact, it has ones that don’t exist for one night stands!

This being…

Online Game.

If you’re looking for hookups, you can now invest in the internet. That is, you’re not restricted to offline work anymore. You don’t need to try at a bar or night club. You can just find the best hookup sites, and search for a partner!

Can’t I Do That With One Night Stands?

You can, but it’s not worth it. Because the online game takes time. It can be a little drawn out. And you may need a while to meet a partner offline. So you should make the best of that time investment. If you’re going to be patient, then you need a partner to enjoy for a long-time. Right?

Find Multiples.

That’s another advantage you don’t get with 1-night stands. That is, when you have a “slightly committed” partner, you can shuffle. You can change one up for another. There’s variety that spices up your sex life. Plus, you get more options too! And isn’t that good if one isn’t available?

Timespan#3– 4 Weeks to 3 Months.

It’s basically an elaboration of the previous point. Only difference is, the benefits multiply. With a slightly longer timespan, you can enjoy your partner even more. And you can do even less “online searching.” Each partner lasts longer. Plus, during that time span, you can maximize your “pool of casuals”!

How About 3+ Months?

This is where things get dangerous. You see, past the 3 months mark, you risk getting attached. And you don’t want that with a casual, do you? However, you can push past 3 months, so long as you…

Make Your Dates Infrequent.

That is, don’t meet every other day. Meet once a week, tops. If you do that, then maybe you can push past the 3 months mark. Because meeting infrequently makes it easy for you to forget the other. In fact, you can easily “forget” them by enjoying others! So you always keep them as an option. You always keep that partner as something for fun.

Few Tips.

There are some things you can do to keep your date “casual only” – while enjoying them for long…

Language Barrier.

Basically, date foreigners. Don’t date someone you can have a deep conversation with. If anything, this opens up room for unwanted baggage. Plus – it makes it harder to emotionally connect.

Keep it Out of Home.

If possible, don’t bring your date back home. Find another spot, like their home, a car, or a hotel room. Because home is a private and cozy place. Bring them back there, and you risk feeling intimate around them.

Age Differences.

Try to find wide age differences. It’s hard to connect with someone who is from a different generation. They’re different in terms of experience and habits. So you’ll feel less attached, while having a good time!