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Tips and Tricks from Sydney Experts – How to Maintain Thick and Healthy Hair

Ever wondered how people with long, thick and shiny hair maintain them? It doesn’t take expensive salon routines or branded products to get those healthy locks. All you have to do is consult a hairdresser Sydney to show your hair some love by helping you follow these simple and useful tips:

1. Heat styling tools are your enemy

As good as your hair temporarily looks after straightening or curling, it’s best to avoid using heat-based hair styling tools regularly. The intensity of heat burns your hair strands, leaving you with hair breakage and split ends. If you’re someone who cannot get enough of heating tools and use them almost every day, it’s best to use a good heat protectant spray to give your hair little bit of an edge over the dangerous effects of these tools.

2. Avoid washing your hair every day

Every girl has heard the advice of “washing your hair every day works” at least once in their lives. Experts advise against it, simply because washing your hair too much will only strip the essential natural oils and turn them dry. Keeping a healthy interval of 2-3 days between each hair wash preserves those moisturizing oils while also ridding your hair of all the unnecessary dirt.

3. Take some healthy vitamin supplements

Vitamin supplements are essential as they work well in providing some strength and shine to your hair. Although vitamins aren’t proven to make your hair grow inches quickly, it’s wise to expect steady yet long-lasting results from them.

4. Eating healthy does pay off

Combining a good hair wash and deep conditioning routine with some healthy green veggies will help you keep your hair strong, thick and glowing. Add some leafy vegetables and protein-packed food options in your cart the next time you go grocery shopping and watch your shiny locks flow in a matter of weeks. Patience, dedication, and love for your hair are important to pull this off though.

5. Sulfates and healthy hair don’t go hand in hand

Make sure to choose a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate or any kind of alcohol and silicone in its ingredients. Sulfates extract all the natural oils from your hair, leaving it dry and less voluminous while Silicone gets coated on your strands and weighs it down. The next time you switch shampoos, go for the one that’s sulfate and silicone free. You will begin noticing a difference right from the first wash.

6. DIY hair masks work wonders

Rather than spending a little fortune on hair masks online, make some nutrition rich masks for healthy, strong hair at home. Shred some avocado, mix it in grapeseed oil, coconut oil or olive oil and add a hair conditioner that works best for you. Voila! You have your very own homemade hair mask that potentially works better than most manufactured ones out there. Massage the mask on your scalp; wait for 20-30 minutes before rinsing.

7. Colder water

Cold water locks the shampoo’s moisture in your hair up until the next hair wash session. Although winters can be a tough time to follow this tip, go for cold water to rinse your hair of shampoo and conditioner whenever possible.