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6 Reasons Iceland is Perfect for Your Wedding

There are countless beautiful places across the world, and many are popular wedding destinations, including Iceland. If you’ve never been to Iceland, it’s an interesting place to visit and an even better place to get married.

Although most people who live in Iceland speak English, the primary language is Icelandic. If you’re worried about planning a wedding in a country where English isn’t the primary language, you can always hire a local elopement planner.

Not yet convinced? Check out these 6 reasons to elope in Iceland.

Your wedding photos will be gorgeous

If you want gorgeous wedding photos, Iceland won’t disappoint. Of course, you’re not getting married for the photos, but your pictures will be something to show your friends and cherish forever – why not make sure they’re amazing?

What makes amazing wedding photos is a combination between a skilled, professional photographer and fantastic scenery. For instance, even with the best photographer in the world, you won’t get stunning wedding photos if you just get married in a boring old park. You need a great photographer and great scenery.

Iceland’s scenery is other-worldly

If you’re into feeling like you’ve been dropped in the middle of a movie, or surrounded by nature that feels other-worldly, Iceland is perfect. Often called a place of “fire and ice,” Iceland has some of Europe’s largest glaciers and many active volcanoes that are responsible for creating its stunning black sand beaches. There are also plenty of waterfalls and steaming lava fields that make you feel like you’re in another world.

Many people who elope in Iceland say it feels like they’re on another planet, and that’s because Iceland’s landscape doesn’t look like what you’ll find anywhere else in the world. It’s fresh, green, vast, and the ice caves alone are straight out of a Disney movie.

The Blue Lagoon is a beautiful experience

If you’re going to get married somewhere far away from home, you may as well go somewhere you can relax. In Iceland, there’s a popular destination called the Blue Lagoon, and it’s located just outside of Reykjavik. 

The Blue Lagoon is basically a warm swimming hole with bath-temperature water that sometimes has mist rising off the top of the water. Although it’s not a natural phenomenon, it’s popular, and requires tickets to visit. The Blue Lagoon is an excellent spot to relax and the mist makes it feel a bit mysterious.

Stay to see the Northern Lights

When you elope in Iceland, you’ll be in the perfect spot to see the Northern Lights. If you can get to a remote location, like Mount Kirkjufell or the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, you’ll get a clear view of the aurora borealis.

You’ll love the culture

Icelandic culture is really interesting, and if you elope in Iceland you’ll see plenty of culture in the countryside. Unlike other areas of Europe, Iceland’s architecture in the country consists of small, turf-top homes located in large, green landscapes.

In the country, you’ll find plenty of farm animals, like sheep and horses roaming around. It’s a quiet place to visit, and incredibly charming.

Waterfalls, geysers, and more

If you love sightseeing, you’ll love taking a couple of days to see the waterfalls, geysers, and other natural phenomena in Iceland. For instance, the Godafoass waterfall is shaped like a semi-circle and extends over 98 feet wide and 39 feet high.

As for the geysers, Strokkur geyser erupts about every ten minutes and you can get pretty close. There’s also a geothermal valley visible from the Leirhnjukur volcano. From this spot, you’ll see plenty of hot springs, lava fields, lakes, and beautiful mountains in the distance.

There’s also the Studlagil Canyon, with cliffs that appear as slightly different colors depending on where the sun is at the moment. The brilliant turquoise waters below the cliff are absolutely stunning.

Iceland is the perfect place to elope

There are many reasons to have a destination wedding. For example, they can be about 40 percent cheaper, your guests will have a great time, and they can double as a honeymoon and holiday.

Given the stunning nature of Iceland, it makes sense that so many people would choose to elope there. Who wouldn’t want to get married somewhere beautiful with interesting scenery, surrounded by nature?