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Stop Napping — 3 Things You Should Do Instead After Eating a Large Meal

Though it might be temping to lie down and take a quick nap after you’ve eaten a large meal, doing so could prove disastrous for your health and wellbeing going forward. After you’ve consumed a large quantity of food, you need to let your digestive system get to work right away…  and it can’t do that in a horizontal position! What’s more, you need to afford your body the time it needs to burn the excessive amount of calories that you’ve recently consumed and, again, it can’t do that if you’re lying down. So, if you want to retain both a healthy digestive system and a stable weight, you need to refrain from indulging in after-dinner naps.

No matter how tempted you might be to get some shuteye after your next big meal, you should steer clear of this potentially dangerous plight by partaking in the pastimes listed below. Some will actively help you to process your food, some will just distract you from the urge to catch some zzz’s!

Here are three things you should do after eating large meals:

Partake in an engaging activity

Whenever you feel a strong urge to nap, it’s essential that you partake in a fun and engaging activity right away. So long as it can be enjoyed in an upright position, this activity can be anything you want it to be.

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Go for a walk

Going for a short, light walk is one of the best things that you can do after you’ve consumed a large quantity of food. It might not actually help you to shed the pounds that you’ve just put on, but it will improve your blood sugar levels and regulate your digestive system. What’s more, going on a walk will be sure to refocus your mind and reinvigorate your energy levels, which in turn will help you to fight the urge to nap.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking between four to eight ounces of water is something you must do after every meal if you’re serious about protecting your health and wellbeing. This amount of water will help to flush out the sodium that you’ve just consumed, which in turn will help you to avoid serious heart-related health complications going forward.