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6 Gorgeous Cars You Can Own Today

You don’t need to buy new or be earning £100k+ a year to get a gorgeous car. There are loads of beautiful cars available, and the vast majority for decent prices too. Buying cars second-hand is an ideal way to slash the cost of expensive, top of the line cars. If they’re still out of your price range though, there are other methods you can rely on. More about that later though, for now here is my choice for the 6 gorgeous cars you can own today.

Audi A7 – £20k

A lot cheaper to run than some of its competitors, the Audi A7 could be a better choice for those looking to limit their monthly outgoings as much as possible. With an average of 52 miles per gallon, that also means that you won’t have to fill up as often.

The A7 also boasts some great safety features, such as a Lane Departure Warning. Designed to stop you from drifting across lanes if there’s a momentary lapse in concentration on longer drives.

Due to its larger size and weight, the A7 loses some of its sporty potential, but this isn’t hugely detrimental. It’s still a superb car to drive, and looks magnificent either on the road or your driveway.

Alfa Romeo Giulia – £25k

Potentially the leader of the pack, the Giulia by Alfa Romeo comes filled with elegance and class. The expertly crafted chassis offers a sublime balance between handling and comfort, proving your really can have it all.

As with most sporty cars, the back seats of the Alfa Giulia are slightly cramped. This is more than made up for by the extreme comfort in the front of the car though. A reshaped steering wheel, and rich, leather gearstick trims add to the already luxurious feel of the car.

Don’t forget about the upgraded infotainment system, or the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility that comes as standard in this magnificent car.

BMW 8 Series – £55k

Simply sitting in this car, wrapped in the exquisite Merino Leather seats, creates a lavish feeling almost too grand to put into words. The adrenaline as you bring the car up to speed on a stretch of open road, this car is a work of art.

Running costs may not be friendly to the 8 Series, but when it has got everything else going for it, then it’s easy to overlook. The touchscreen display, for instance, has been updated with a new operating system and offers a range of additional controls.

It’s spacious too, and incredibly easy to take on long road trips across the country. Fill the boot with luggage and drive to your heart’s content.

Mazda 3 – £15k

While not a luxury car like others on this list, the Mazda 3 is still an exceptionally good-looking car. You won’t need to pay anywhere near as much as the BMW, Mercedes, or Lexus and you’ll still get a car that looks and feels classy – while still being highly functional.

You don’t need to worry about long term costs either, since the Mazda3 is relatively inexpensive to run. Combine this with the fact that it’s ULEZ compliant and you’ve got a car that’s great for long journeys, or simply city living.

Jaguar F Type – £30k

If you’re looking at picking this up at an affordable price, you’re going to want to go for the V6 version. While not as powerful as the other F-types that are available, it’s far more affordable – especially secondhand. The V6 still provides 380 horsepower, which is more than ample in a car you can get for £30,000.

The resale value of the F-Type may not be very high, but that means if you are buying it second hand then it’s an absolute steal.

This fabulous car comes with a host of onboard systems as standard, including the Active Bonnet feature. In the unlikely case that you collide with a pedestrian, the bonnet automatically pops open to provide them with additional cushioning prior to impact.

Lexus LC 500 – £55k

I can wholeheartedly say that this is a solid sports car. Though the Lexus is one of the more expensive cars on our list, don’t let that stop you from admiring the fantastic features of this car. The LC 500 is available either combustion based or as a hybrid (which dramatically increases the mpg).

While the V8’s ten-speed gearbox applies some exceptional acoustics and torque, the hybrid’s lack of gearbox makes for a less interesting drive overall.

Both versions also come with extensive safety measures, however. One such measure is the auto-adjusting steering wheel, activating if you accidentally start to drift out of your lane. That’s not all either, additional options include a Heads-Up Display system projected onto the windscreen.

Final Thoughts

All of these cars may seem out of your price range if you buy them outright, whether purchasing them new or secondhand. That is simply not the case though. By using credit financing sites such as Carvine, they can find you the best finance for your credit, good or bad. From there you’ve simply got to pay the monthly fee and before you know it, that gorgeous car is all yours.

Buying cars is easier than ever before, and with ever growing options for finance then why shouldn’t you look into treating yourself to a beautiful car?

Whether you’re trying to stand out from the crowd or fit in with higher paid friends; buying a beautiful car is a great way to do it. The real question is, which one of these six gorgeous cars are you going to buy?