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8 Tips for Decluttering Your Garage Before Summer

It is funny how a garage quickly becomes a place to store things that we are not sure of what to do with them. If you have turned your garage into a storage room, it is the perfect time to declutter it, now that it’s summertime. Decluttering your garage will leave enough room for you to hold fun activities with your friends and family.

Many local storage facilities options offer garage decluttering services. This should not stress you out, as you need to read on to find the tips to help you declutter your garage.

Pick a Day or Weekend to Declutter

Let’s be realistic; decluttering your garage is a big task. To completely declutter your garage, you will need a whole day or the entire weekend, depending on how oversized your garage is and what is stored in it. Before you decide to declutter, it is best to check the weather since you would not want to be outside doing the cleaning while it is raining. When planning a day or weekend, you should select the one you will not be busy, interrupted, or distracted. Even when you cannot complete the work in a day, ensure all efforts result in something good.

Reach Out to Friends and Families

It can be tiresome to declutter the garage alone; hence it is best to ask for help. Clearing out and organizing your garage might involve some heavy lifting, and with extra hands from friends, families, and past favors, you can be sure to have an easy time. If you have kids, you can also involve them in helping speed up the process and keep them busy. Besides having the job done faster, it will also be fun having a group of people helping.

Divide Your Garage into Zones

When piling things into your garage, it is hard to place them to know what is going where. This usually makes it harder to declutter as it is hard to find certain things. Therefore, you need to create zones for the items that you can classify, such as yard tools, gardening supplies, and many more. Go into each zone and divide things into piles to quickly identify the essential ones. When you have sections of different things, you will simplify your decluttering process and have an easy time in the future knowing what you need.

Consider a Garage Sale

You are bound to find items you do not want or need anymore when cleaning your garage. To avoid storing things that are of no use to you, you can opt for a garage sale. Besides making extra cash from the garage sale, you will also have ample time organizing as there will be no unnecessary things everywhere.

Organize Your Storage Space Wisely

When organizing your garage, be sure to use your space wisely. This means grouping together things and getting them off the garage floor by installing storage cabinets or shelving units. You can put the terms you rarely use in the ceiling storage. To give your garage a cleaner look, you should avoid storing items and bins on the ground.

Maintain Regularly

It is crucial after you have cleaned and organized your entire garage, you do regular upkeep and maintenance. It is best to clean out seasonally or yearly and remove items you do not need instead of just storing because you have a place to store. Don’t let your garage overflow with junk again, as you will be stressed again when you have to declutter.

Keep Inventory of Items

Creating a spreadsheet or a chart to keep an inventory of items will help you know which items are in the store and where they are placed. You need to understand when you have many things in your garage; it could take you much time to identify where certain items are kept, especially if you have not retained an inventory of items.

Rent a Storage Unit

When you have organized the garage the best way, you can still find out that you do not have sufficient space to store everything. You should not stress out in such a scenario because, thanks to storage units, you can rent one suitable for you. Renting a self-storage unit is affordable and will help you store items you are not ready to get rid of just yet and the ones that are oversized for your garage.

Follow these essential steps, and you will realize that you have been underestimating your garage space, yet you could put it into much  use if properly arranged.