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The Truth About Hangover Cures

Bloody marys, prickly pear, coconut water. The list of so-called hangover cures can go on forever. But, if you’re like me, you know none of these solutions actually work. The bloody mary just postpones the hangover a little longer, prickly pear is far too slimy for an upset stomach, and coconut water might work if I drank 3 gallons of it. The truth about hangover cures is none of them really work for me, and if you suffer from extreme hangovers, even after just a few beers, they probably don’t work for you either.

I am a self-confessed hangover-sufferer. Whether I drink two beers after work or eight beers while tailgating and watching football with friends, I’m bound to feel nauseous, extremely groggy, exhausted, and downright horrible the next day. This means I’ll be completely unproductive at work or spend my entire Sunday laying on the couch with a pizza on my lap instead of enjoying it with friends and family.

While the truth about hangover cures may be that nothing I do the next day will actually make my hangover go away, I have learned a few tricks that help me combat my hangover supplements before, during and after drinking. Take it from an expert hangover sufferer, these tips really will help you pull yourself out of bed on Sunday.

Stay Hydrated

You’ve probably heard this bit of hangover advice before, but that’s because it’s actually one of the most important things you can do to prevent and ease your hangover. Alcohol serves as a diuretic, which means it actually makes your body lose more water than normal. Drinking water before alcohol, while drinking alcohol, and the next morning may not completely destroy the hangover, but it sure helps me pull it together much more quickly.

Take This Supplement

I swear I’ve tried every hangover cure product on the market, and most of them did absolutely nothing. However, one of my fellow beer-loving buddies recently tried a hangover remedy called OverEZ and gave me one of the spare pills in his pack of four. Unlike other products I’ve tried, which were basically Alka Seltzer or Tylenol in fancy packaging, this one actually boasts a ton of all-natural ingredients.

Ingredients like Zinc, Milk Thistle, and Chicory Root are included to protect your liver before you do any damage by drinking alcohol. L-Cysteine and Magnesium block the toxin Acetaldehyde, and several essential vitamins and minerals replenish the body.

After trying OverEZ one time, I now take the supplement before my first drink (as instructed), and wake up feeling better than I ever had before. Instead of a next-day hangover cure, which never really works, this supplement gets to work before you start drinking. Amazingly, I actually feel a burst of energy when I wake up the next morning.

Get Moving

Thanks to that surge in energy from OverEZ, I’m now able to completely squash my hangover by getting moving the next day. Before, this was never an option, because there was no way I could drag myself out of bed, except maybe to move myself to the couch. Research shows that light exercise can release endorphins to improve your mood, and even 30-minute-long session of low-intensity exercise can help repair the damage to your brain due to alcohol.

The process of combating a hangover for a die-hard hangover sufferer like myself is to take the proper precautions before the drinking even starts. I’ll drink a healthy amount of water and take one OverEZ tablet before even thinking of opening my first beer. Then, I’ll drink water as much as possible while I’m drinking alcohol (the water often gets forgotten after a couple beers), and the next day, I’ll use the residual energy from OverEZ to get up and get moving.

The truth about hangover cure is that there may not be any way to combat a hangover after the fact, but if you start battling your hangover before you even start drinking, you can come out on top.