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How to Stop the House from Being Robbed?

You probably know someone who has suffered at the hands of annoying robbers. Our house is our fortress, a place where we feel safe, where we relax from the bustle of the outside world. Therefore, when strangers get into our house and steal our belongings, our airlock collapses, we feel unprotected and vulnerable. Burglaries can cause anxiety and destructive consequences that can go beyond the loss of wealth. In the harsh conditions of the modern economy, home invasions are becoming really dangerous. People lose their things, and many will never be able to see them again. And no insurance or financial company will help you to compensate for these losses. But with proper use of modern electronic gadgets, you can reduce the risk of being robbed at the house. is one of the several security providers that provide 24/7 alarm monitoring services to its customers which can be really effective against burglaries. Since practically everyone can become a victim of burglary, taking additional necessary measures will not harm an ordinary citizen. We have listed some tips on how you can stop your house from being robbed.

Do not open door to strangers

Perhaps the first rule, which we were taught in childhood, is not to open the doors to strangers. If you are knocked on the door and are told that it is gas, electricity, water supply or internet check, ask for the name and the name of the company that conducts the inspection. If you have not received a call that an inspection will be conducted, never open. If you get a ring at the door and say that it is a delivery, and you do not expect any package, do not open it.

Remember Garbage speaks

Robbers are attracted not only money and jewelry. People often throw unnecessary papers into the trash that contain important information: full name, date of birth, place of work, passport number and other data. And robbers need them to use for their own purposes. So, make it a rule to always tear up any paper with personal information, before throwing it out. And if you notice that someone was digging in your garbage, be careful: it is not always homeless in search of food. It also tells a lot of interesting things about your financial well-being.

Check all the doors and windows

Thieves often look for simple ways to get into the room. Be careful to protect your window and door openings of the upper floors of the porches or balconies. Reinforcing one’s door is also advisable. Some burglars do not hesitate to cut a door to avoid having to force a lock. You can then invest in an armored door. To make your windows safer, you can install burglar-proof, Super-impact-resistant windows. Also, choosing multipoint locks can be a worthwhile investment.


Outdoor lighting is one of the best means of security from unwanted meetings with thieves and criminals. It ensures that there is always proper lighting at your entrance or in front of the house. If you want to save money, then put a motion detector, which will turn on the lighting only after a moving object enters the area of ​​its work. This will warn you if someone is approaching your home, and will help keep any opportunist burglars who may risk your property.


Did you know that the usual “Signs” will help prevent illegal entry into the room? Potential thieves know that it is easier for them to rob a house that does not have an alarm system, and also when they do not see the warning signs on the windows or doors. The simplest sign beware “Angry Dog” is already a good deterrent. Only a few burglars would be willing to risk meeting face to face with a rottweiler or pitbull.


Alarm systems are a reliable warning tool. Even if you live in a safe area, you just need to set the alarm in the apartment or house. At the moment, there are several home alarm systems that are equipped with a variety of functions, this is a direct call to the police, sending a message to you about unauthorized access to the premises, as well as a host of other useful services. They also come with a motion sensor. So, the suddenly turned on light is capable of scaring the criminals, creating the illusion that they are about to be captured. And even prevent crime. This system will be especially useful to those who live in the private sector.

Hide your Absence

Most burglaries take place in the absence of the occupants. You then have every reason to believe that you are there because a burglar watches for vacant dwellings. So, with the help of modern technologies, you can make burglars believe that you are at home. You can install automated radio or music that plays on scheduled time every day. Getting the help of a neighbor is also the best way to prevent this kind of trickery. You can ask them to pick up your emails. it will prevent the burglar to believe that the way is free.

Moreover, do not tell unfamiliar people that you are going to go somewhere. All the above useful tips will help you protect your home, family, and property from potential burglars and robbers.