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How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Shag Carpet

A house with a carpet adds beauty and value to one’s property. You may find it expensive to add carpets at home, but imagine how elegant it would be, right? Most of the time, you will find this in the living room, though some homes have it all over the place. In my opinion, you should also pick the type of carpet to use.

One of the carpet types that I can suggest you to have at home is the shag carpet due to its popularity. This is actually a long pile because it is over half-inch height. But the good thing there is that it is convenient to use because of its sizes. You may have it for a wall to wall and cut sizes as well.

The only downside I can think about when it comes to shag carpet is the high pile and it is quite thick. Because of this, you cannot stop debris, dusts, hair and even mite to get trappedand stuck into the foundation of the said carpet.

However, you should not look at this downside as a major problem because there is a solution to keep those unwanted stuffs from the foundation. All you need is to clean it well using the best vacuum for a shag carpet.Make sure that this vacuum cleaner is also designed for the type of carpet that you have to avoid machine problems, too. When your carpet is properly cleaned, the whole family, especially when you have kids will be safe from the trapped stuffs.I guess, your only worry now is how you are going to choose the best vacuum for shag carpet. So, we have here a few tips for you.


If possible, you have to make sure that the vacuum has a lightweight feature. Remember that you are going to use this machine in a big and wide space. It will be easier and more convenient to use it. Especially it has to be portable enough. The ones that weighs about 7 pounds would be ideal.

Suction power

It would not be very effective to use smaller models on a huge space because it has robust suction. For shag and long carpets, it would be best to use suction power that is adjustable.

Cleaning mechanism

How close is this mechanism to the surface of your carpet? If possible, you have to make sure that it is not too high from the foundation, so that it would be able to clean every singly debris stuck out there. And then, it must not also be too low to avoid damaging the area and for it not to look fuzzy and fray.


Using a vacuum cleaner that is not suited for the cleaner’s height is not good. It strains your body and won’t feel uncomfortable using the machine. I suggest you to look for the ones with an adjustable height. Keep in mind that this is for your physical stature and comfort.

Power head

It is ideal to look for a power head that is detachable. So that you can avoid overheating the rubber as well as tangling of the carpet fibers. You can find self-propelled as well as lightweight vacuum cleaners that are designed with larger wheels. With this, it would be easier for you to move around while cleaning the carpet. And then, it won’t let you sink into the carpet’s surface with this built.

Carpet rake

For a more effective cleaning, I suggest you to find the models with long rakes. This would be very helpful for a gentle back and forth movement. You may find it really time consuming, but this will allow you to move around the fibers of your carpet without leaving it damaged.

Vacuum Type

Another important thing to consider when choosing the best vacuum for shag carpet is the type of cleaning machine to use. In my opinion, it would be ideal to use a canister type because it is more flexible to use, especially when you are cleaning a shag type of carpet. And then, it is also ideal for various types of floors at home or in your workplace.

Sometimes, you cannot avoid havinga combination or mix types of floor at home. This is also true for a medium-sized type of the carpet. In this case, a canister type is advisable and recommended for cleaning use.

Now, if your area is too large and too wide, where a shag carpet is used, then it is ideal to use an upright type of vacuum cleaner. But be very observant when it comes to the design of the head. Make sure that it is adjustable and comes with a brush. Lastly, you have to be very sure that this is especially designed for a high pile type of carpet like shag.