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HealthKeeperz: Personalizing Your End-of-Life Journey

The subject of dying can be so uncomfortable for some people that they put it off until they find themselves facing a terminal illness and not knowing what to do about it. Hospice care is the term used to describe end-of-life care, whether it takes place at home or in an offsite facility. Either way, having palliative care, hospice care, and family support set up before you or a family member needs it can help to reduce stress for everyone.

What Does End-of-Life Support Look Like?

The answer to this question can vary considerably, as the experts at HealthKeeperz note that even among two or more members of the same family. However, the goal of hospice services is to determine the wishes of the dying person and to implement them as fully as circumstances allow. For example, the patient may want their children or grandchildren to remain with them the entire day, or they may only wish to eat certain foods.

The goal of HealthKeeperz’s staff is to ensure that each patient remains as comfortable as possible and doesn’t have to experience any unnecessary stress. People who receive Healthkeeperz end-of-life services from HealthKeeperz have a terminal diagnosis for which they have decided to stop seeking treatment. Instead, they choose to maximize time with loved ones and remain as physically comfortable as they can.

Spirituality and faith are big topics at the end of a person’s life. HealthKeeperz has clergy on staff who are available to speak to patients and their family members about a wide variety of topics. Providing spiritual comfort is part of the organization’s whole-person approach to treatment.

Individualized Care for Each Person

People come to the end of their lives in various states of mind. Some are at peace and feel ready to pass on. Others are extremely anxious and need more emotional and practical support. The team at HealthKeeperz also understands that it could be anywhere from several months to up to two years until death takes place. They take a practical approach to patient care in the meantime by paying extra attention to the quality of life. Staff completes ongoing evaluations with patients in the following areas:

  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Exercise
  • Getting out of bed
  • Medication management
  • Using the bathroom

The staff at HealthKeeperz, a faith-based organization with more than a dozen locations in North Carolina, also seeks input from family members when creating or updating care plans for patients. In addition to clergy, health counselors also remain on staff for patients who would like to talk to someone but not necessarily in a faith-based setting.

HealthKeeperz Places a High Emphasis on Communication with Family

The team at HealthKeeperz knows what an emotionally devastating yet special time this is for families. They also understand that family members know the patient best and strive to always keep lines of communication open. The staff shares with families what they observe as the patient’s abilities change, and the family is free to share their observations and what they would like to see happen in light of the recent changes.

Even though end-of-life is inevitable, it can still be a shock for people to lose their parents, spouses, children, siblings, friends, and others with whom they have shared a full life. Another way the hospice team at HealthKeeperz seeks to make it easier is by being available to talk whenever family members need to. Sharing stories about loved ones might not seem like a big deal, but it reduces grief while increasing happiness at the same time.

HealthKeeperz is available now to assist families throughout North Carolina in transitioning their loved ones into hospice care.