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Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas: Best Ideas For a Perfect Beach Wedding

Once you start thinking about beach wedding decoration ideas, it can be helpful to check out pictures from a Royalton Punta Cana beach wedding. There are so many interesting details that by simply checking them out you will likely get inspired for your own unforgettable event. Even though some elements might be similar in those weddings, each Dominican Republic wedding is absolutely unique as there are no two similar pictures of the ocean.

So, you don’t have to worry too much if somebody has already done something similar. Just make sure you truly feel the idea and want it to be there for your main day. Here are some ideas for you to choose from.

Table of Contents

  • Create a shoe station
  • Draw all your signs by hand
  • Use palm leaves
  • Add more mirrors
  • Integrate natural flowers
  • Attract attention to the bar
  • Reinvent photo stations

Create a shoe station

It is pretty obvious that high-heels are totally not an option. But there are other types of shoes that will not be comfortable during the beach wedding ceremony in Punta Cana. Bride and groom usually have more time to think everything through and choose the most suitable option.

However, guests might end up not being ready for tons of sand in their shoes. To make it easier for them you can organize a shoe station that is both functional and beautifully decorated. It can be two bright boxes, one for the guests’ shoes and another one for flip-flops that can be used as comfortable substitutes of various sizes.

Draw all your signs by hand

Here is one more out of many great beach wedding reception decoration ideas. There’s no doubt you are going to need some signs. For instance, to let your guests know where the reception will be happening, or how to get to the bar, or where the washrooms are. Of course, you can also order ready-made signs for just about any occasion.

But think how much more awesome your own handwritten signs will look! And after the wedding, you can either keep them as memory or give them as gifts. In both cases, handwritten signs are way more suitable for a perfect wedding that means something to you.

Use palm leaves

One of the amazing beach wedding arch decoration ideas is to use the palm tree leaves. You can install them just about anywhere, not only as an arch at the end of that very special aisle – a palm arch is especially elegant and creative.

Walking down the aisle towards the palm arch is an unforgettable experience which can be proven by those lucky brides who did it on their wedding dates. Palm leaves also look great at the photo stations or near the signs. Whichever option you choose, make sure your leaves look fresh.

Add more mirrors

This is quite an unusual beach wedding ceremony decoration idea, but it will definitely impress your guests as well as make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. A blue ocean and blue sky on a calm day look like reflections of one another. By simply adding a couple more mirrors you can make a step forward and underline this resemblance.

You can install mirrors near the shoe stations or turn them into signs by writing something on them. The exciting thing about writing on mirrors is the 3D effect they give to whatever is written there. You can write words of love to create a special atmosphere or say something to your guests.

Integrate natural flowers

What can be more beautiful than real fresh flowers? Flowers often become one of the central beach wedding flower decorations for a reason.

You can also easily rearrange flowers in a new composition once the ceremony is done and it’s time to proceed to the reception. For instance, some flower buckets can be moved from the aisle to the dance floor. This way you will be able to preserve their beauty without spending extra money decorating different areas. Natural flowers might be the main decoration of your beach themed wedding.

Attract attention to the bar

There are plenty of beach wedding decoration ideas for tables, but decorating the bar is still often an overlooked design element. This is where you can apply some creativity and make your wedding look truly unique. Of course, everything depends on where the wedding is held. In some hotels, they will provide you with already decorated facilities. On the other hand you can get all of these from Avenue Twelve.

However, it should not discourage your creativity and stop you from coming up with something unique. You can set up a small bar and decorate it as a sea cave where a bartender in a dolphin suit serves drinks poured into seashells. How fun is that? The main idea is to make your bar look unforgettable even after several drinks.

Reinvent photo stations

And one more of many decoration ideas for a beach wedding – taking pictures with an ocean as a background is quite amazing itself, but adding special stations that correspond with the wedding’s main themes and a palette of colors can be an even better idea. Each guest will definitely use such stations for memorable images.

Don’t forget to discuss the design with your photographer. He or she might come up with additional ideas on how to use your photo stations for group photographs. These stations will also benefit from natural flowers that we’ve discussed above.

After working so hard on beach theme wedding decoration ideas, it’s essential to make sure that you will have all those romantic celebration photos to keep the memories forever. Choosing a photographer you really like might not be an easy task. Here is an example of Punta Cana beach wedding photographer that can help you better visualize all of your photo dreams. Check the portfolio and see how your best decoration ideas could add value to these amazing pictures.