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Say No to Conventional Fitness and Beauty Standards

In today’s awfully fast moving world people fail to keep themselves fit and healthy. Compare yourselves to your parents or grandparents and you will learn that they are much fitter than you are. Problems with this generation arise especially due to their eating habits, drinking or smoking habits, sleep pattern, stressing over minor issues, etc.

How many of us really prefer to go out and play a game of football over a video game? Handful, right? We prefer sitting in front of our computers or laptops over a physical game. Not to mention if you are a corporate employee, you spend more than half your day in front of electronic devices. 

Don’t y’all think that fitness and beauty go hand in hand. How can you feel beautiful if you are pale and unhealthy? It has become extremely important to care for our health, fitness and beauty today. With the amount of pollution around us and the harsh sunlight can easily damage your skin. 

However, beauty does not always mean one’s appearance or physical beauty. It is important to be beautiful inside out. Feel confident in everything you do or every decision you make. Confidence enhances beauty. 

Tips for Fitness Success

Everyday Workout: There is no specific way to workout. Choose your own form of working out. You could hit the gym at 7 in morning, go for a jog or walk, many find it fascinating to dance. There is yoga, aerobics, zumba, boxing and many more. Pick something that will give you joy. 

Exercising should become a part of your day. Don’t make it a burden or yourself and over do it. You don’t want to hurt yourself during the process. Also, working out is not age specific. People of all ages are recommended to exercise.

Those of you working from 9 to 5 who find excuses should understand that fitness and health must be your primary concern and needs your utmost attention in life. I’m sure you easily spare an hour from your day to hit the gym or go for a jog. 

The elderly can go out for a walk. Young boys and girls, you know how much you love to groove those hollywood beats. You’re keeping away from issues like cardiac arrest, heart problems, diabetes and hypertension. Not only will exercising keep you fit but it also keeps you happy, fresh and energetic. Check it out for yourself. 

For those of you who believe in high intensity workouts, your muscles will tear and rebuild. You will experience body ache but do not give up easily. Keep it going. While it is important to exercise it is equally important to keep yourself hydrated and eat right. 

Eating Right Food and maintaining a diet: It will be difficult for people with sweet tooth to keep their hands off sweets and candies. A big no no to sugar consumption. Try avoiding fried and extremely spicy food. It will drive anybody crazy to completely stay away from sweets and savoury and might lead you to having mood swings. 

Treat yourself to a cheat day weekly once or twice. It is absolutely fine and acceptable to have a cheat meal few times a week. Since you are working out and your body requires proteins and vitamins, make sure you eat right. 

If you are vegetarian, consume a good portion of vegetables and fruits. Avoid pulpy fruits as much as possible. You can avoid dairy products as much as possible. Green vegetables are a must. Consume broccoli, spinach and green beans. This will improve your metabolism and will also keep your digestive system clean and running. 

If you are a non-vegetarian you should try sticking to lean meat like chicken and turkey. Seafood like shrimp is acceptable. Eat in small quantities. Split your 3 course meal into 6 meals a day. Do not starve, just eat in small quantities and more number of times a day. 

If you wish to follow a diet in particular, do not just rely on the internet and blindly follow all that you read. Consult a dietician before you start any diet.

Food Intake and Calories Count per day: The next important step is to monitor the calorie intake per day. You can split your meals to 6 meals a day but there is no point if you exceed a stipulated calorie count. Avoid fatty food as much as possible. 

Don’t suppress your cravings, just decrease the fatty food intake. Sometimes a healthy meal can be high in calories. Keep a calorie tracker application on your phone to understand better. Remember your aim to be fit, not skinny. If you want to lose weight to be skinny then there are other diet plans and workout regimes that you need to follow.

Get Enough sleep: I’m sure many of you have a horrible sleep schedule. You sleep at 2 a.m even when you have to be up by 7 in the morning and get ready for college or work. Let us not even get started about weekends and holidays. 

We are up all night and fall asleep at 4 a.m and wake up by noon, right? Yes, this is the popular trend and we all have done it because that web series on netflix is more important than our 8 hours of sleep. Sleep well. Make sure you sleep 8 hours a day. 

For the amount of mental and physical stress we take it is important to rest well. Be early to bed and rise early. What most of us don’t understand is a disturbed sleep pattern will lead to hormonal imbalance.

Stay Motivated: This is the most important step to feeling happy, fit and beautiful. You need to feel motivated and confident. Start each day with a positive mindset, set goals for yourself to achieve each day, hang out with people with a positive vibe and stay strong. 

Push yourself to achieve your goals. Do not ever tell yourself that you cannot achieve something or you cannot do something.

Be Beautiful Feel Beautiful

Like i have mentioned earlier beauty is not always about looks and physical appearance. A smile goes a long way. Keep smiling. Stop comparing yourself to models or actors and expecting yourself to look a certain way. Don’t build up  conventional beauty standards in your mind. 

Accept your body, skin tone and your flaws. You are beautiful the way you are. They are emotionally draining and unattainable. Your focus must be to keep yourself fit and follow simple beauty or skin routines everyday. You will find plenty of beauty or skin care regimes on the internet. Follow that, not models and actors. 

Wash your face with cold water or rub some ice on your face to avoid acne and to wash off the oil on your face. Do not use harsh scrubs or facewashes. Use mild soaps. Try opting for ayurvedic or neem facewashes. Scrub your face only once a week. You can apply homemade face packs once a week. Once a week is sufficient. 

Turmeric, lemon juice and honey face pack will work for blemishes and acne. Applying a mashed banana will help you feel fresh. Coffee and sugar made into a paste would make a wonderful scrub. Don’t they all sound simple?! 

Never forget your sunscreen before you step out of your house. Use a spf 120 sunscreen. The heat will damage your skin and also tires you. Use a stoll to cover your face from the pollution. When you come back home from anywhere make sure you wash your face well. 

Don’t cleanse your face more than thrice a day. It will lead to dryness. Moisturize yourself well. Use separate moisturisers for the body and the face.  Another important point to keep in mind is, always wash off your makeup before you go to bed. Makeup can damage your skin. 

Any product that you use on your body should be of good quality. Use good quality and mild products else there are chances of damaging your skin in the long run. Even when you apply natural products make sure you know what you are allergic to so that you can avoid allergies. Visit a dermatologist once in 6 months to take better care of your skin. 

Drink plenty of water. Keep yourself hydrated. Consuming 2-3 litres of water in a day is recommended. Break a sweat, workout hard. Be active, don’t just keep sitting on your couch. Be expressive and emote well. All this plays a role in you looking beautiful. Dress well. Take good care of your hair. Oil and wash your hair twice a week. Put yourself before anything or anybody. Take good care of yourself.