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5 Reasons Why You Should Prefer Organic Tea over Other Tea Types

It is common for people to meet and bond over a cup of tea. It remains one of the most consumed beverages across the globe. Unfortunately, the use of chemicals in growing this plant in exchange for a big harvest is threatening this popular drink. Today, all the conventional teas we buy are produced in large farms using fertilizers and pesticides. Before you become heartbroken, there is an exception; organic tea is still grown under natural conditions. If you love drinking your brew occasionally, there is no reason to stop.

Enthusiasts of this incredible beverage prefer organic tea over other types. Besides health, it boasts of other benefits, like growing naturally. It is free of fertilizers and pesticide residues, which could be harmful to your health. Before we look at why you should choose it over the others, let us first look at what makes it unique.

What Makes Organic Tea Special?

While conventional farmers use chemicals in their routine farming activities, organic farmers are strict. They do not use any pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. These farmers do not target the maximum yield. Instead, they try to produce natural farm produce.

If you have bought both organic and regular tea bags, you will notice that the former tends to be a little bit more expensive. This is because it packs more health benefits than a cup of other regular brews. You would not find lots of organic options in your daily online tea and coffee shop in the past. Luckily that changed when they noticed there is a high demand for healthy alternatives.

The Benefits of Organic Teas

The Farmers Are Safer

Organic tea farming companies protect their staff by not using chemicals during the production process. We cannot say the same about the people who work at conventional farms. The employees have to endure harsh pesticides and fertilizers. They become prone to chronic illnesses as a result of coming into contact with these chemicals. You can enjoy your beverage knowing that those who grow it are safe.

Organic Farming Is Eco-Friendly

The last thing you want to think about after buying tea bags online is causing environmental damage. In most parts of the world, tea is grown on a large scale. Production companies spray pesticides and herbicides on these plants in thousands of liters. Additionally, farmers use tons of fertilizers to achieve a good harvest. What you may not know is that this method of farming has devastating impacts on our environment. The farm chemicals end up in our hydrological system through runoff. If you think about this, you would rather spend your money on organic tea than other types.

Drinking Organic Feels Better

Sometimes you wake up feeling fatigued after taking lots of tea the night before to stay awake. This can be a horrible feeling, especially if you have to go to work. Think about feeling the same every day after your regular cup of tea. It is a feeling that you would not want to experience daily. The good news is that you will not feel awful after drinking a fresh cup of organic tea. Besides, you do not have to think of harmful contents because there is none.

Supports Small Farm Owners and Laborers

Farmers who grow conventional brews are in it to profit. They do not think much about health implications. Instead, they are all about the maximum harvest. On the other hand, it is hard to find organic tea farmers with thousands of acres of land. Mostly, these are small scale farmers who can only hire a few casual laborers. Whenever you buy organic loose leaf tea from your favorite tea bag online shop, you support them and their families.

Unique Taste

In most places, other beverages are served more than organic tea. Sometimes, you only drink these types of brews because they are the most available. Unfortunately, you are probably used to these types of refreshments. If you are craving a different flavor, you will enjoy trying out a variety of organic teas. They are undoubtedly more delicious, and you can be sure of the contents.

Tea tops the list of the most popular beverages across the globe. Ever since it was discovered 5000 years ago, it has been a regular breakfast staple in most households. Most people need a cup of it to jump-start their morning or before going to bed. Fortunately, tea lovers can replace their preferred beverages with an organic and healthier option. The best part is that if you cannot find it at your regular supermarket, there is a lot of organic tea online. There is no excuse to consume other beverages grown with chemicals.