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12 Ways to Drastically Cut Down Wedding Planning Stress

Wedding planning stress is common with almost every intending bride. Many of them go off and become overbearing “bridezillas” because they’re overwhelmed. Yes, there’s so much to do, and getting stressed is a given. So you must learn how to deal with wedding planning stress if you want to remain sane post-wedding.

A stressed bride does no one any. And to help plan a beautiful wedding, we will show you how to deal with wedding stress. From creating checklists to taking some time off, it’s one step at a time. We’ve created the best method of dealing with wedding stress below.

Make a wedding planning checklist

The first thing to do after setting a budget is to make wedding planning checklists. Make checklists of priorities, things to do, projects, and when to meet these goals. This is important as it will help you plan at a steady, timely, and reasonable pace. You’ll also find it easy to work within your budget and meeting your targeted timelines. When you have detailed checklists made, there won’t be pressure or stress.

Have a bridal box subscription

When planning a wedding, relaxation is mandatory. Whether it’s a day at the beach with buddies or spa time with the girls, you need to relax. And for maximum relaxation, you need a bridal box subscription. Bridal boxes gave you luxury on a budget. From tote bags and beach hats to spa and beauty essentials, marches, and more, you’ve for it all. Bridal boxes help you know when to take time off and pamper you to the fullest.

Get human sounding boards

When you’re planning a wedding, you have a lot to talk about. You’ll be dissatisfied with a lot of things. You’ll be scared about many things, you’ll need advice and input on the issue. You’ll have complaints about some things and all these are normal. It’s not advisable to bottle them in. Make your trusted friend your right-hand man, sounding board, and private shrink. Offload how you feel to them whenever you feel to. Also, make them know that you need them to listen and make sure they’re in agreement with you.

Channel your energy into something productive

If you feel drained or stressed out, you start under-performing. Do something new and get your fire back. You can hit the gym and use the opportunity to maintain that hot bod. Sweat it off and release all the negative energy. You can also take up cooking classes, pottery, gardening, art, etc. These activities will take your mind off things and give you somewhere to be productive.

Assemble the right and efficient team

A team can make or mar your wedding plans. The wrong team will break you down because you’ll keep picking up after them and cushioning their lapses. And by the time of your wedding, you’ll be a much-stressed bride. The right team will take the load off your hands and make planning a breeze, which is what you need. The secret is to hire or work with only people that you’re comfortable with. Your team must have your back. Interview them and make sure you’re on the same page before hiring.

Ignore the little imperfections

If you’re a perfectionist, the time to create room for error is during your wedding planning. Taking an attitude of perfection to wedding planning will drive you crazy. You’re human, so things are bound to not be perfect. Ignore them and be joyful. The little imperfections are what make you unique. They are the things that will make your day beautiful, so rest easy.

Stay organized

It is said that a look at your immediate environment can determine your state of mind. This is a very true saying. It’s not possible to relax in the midst of chaos. So organize your living area and plans. Stash fabrics and wedding materials in the right order. Clean as often as you can. Use electronic or diary planners instead of pieces of paper. Keep everything organized and maintain a sane space. This is a mighty way to deal with wedding planning stress.

Getaway for a bit

Planning your wedding back to back can have you fixated and irritable. You get so hyped and stressed that you begin to lose sight of other things. The best bet is to take some time off with your partner. Getaway somewhere and just enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a destination getaway. Don’t plan or talk about the wedding. Just decompress, have fun and come back rejuvenated.

Have an alternative plan

Unplanned occurrences can stress you to the point of madness. So it is always better to have alternative plans. The weather is always a major concern, especially for outdoor weddings. Plan for alternate shelter, backup music, reserve food, and any other alternative you can think of. Don’t let anything take you unawares.


You can’t do everything by yourself, especially if you don’t have a planner. We advise that you delegate tasks to the people you trust. This will save you from breaking down or being all over the place. You’ll also be able to focus and be productive.

Carry the “important” people along

If there are people in your life who have made a huge financial commitment to your wedding, carry them along. Their contribution to your wedding already gives them a right to status reports. Now, some of these people can be overbearing and stressful. This is where compromise comes in. Talk to them and reach a kind of agreement that suits both parties. Communicate, it’s important.

Hire a planner

This is the last resort. If you feel that you can’t deal with the stressful wedding planning, get a planner. They will take on your wedding burden as theirs. All you have to do is relax, make approvals, look nice, and show up. Look out for planners that will work with your budget, and you have a wedding properly planned.

Wedding planning stress can be cut down to the barest minimum if you have a guide. Above are some tips to help you overcome a stressful wedding planning. You’ll have it easy, fun, and seamless.l have it easy, fun, and seamless.