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How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Kitchen Remodeling

When you’re setting out to get your kitchen remodel, you might quickly realize the true costs of such a remodel. Kitchens and bathrooms are among the most costly rooms in your home to remodel. It makes sense when you consider that kitchens and bathrooms include plumbing, electrical, and surface materials that need to be durable and resistant.

For example, in the kitchen, you know that you’ll need countertops, and the more you spend, the better material you’re getting.

Many clients ask how they can save on some of the costs of kitchen remodeling, and we always tell them to be aware of hidden costs. While up front costs might include materials and labor, you’ve got to anticipate that there will be some unexpected costs that come up. You can also read complete Kitchen Remodeling Guide here.

Plan for Unexpected Costs

As you plan out your kitchen remodel, you probably have already considered expenses such as materials and labor, but have you considered hidden costs? Yes, it can be difficult to gauge hidden costs, but you can offset the shock of these expenses if you’re prepared. It’s important to note how extremely common hidden costs are in a kitchen remodel.

You can prepare for these costs by setting aside around 15% of your budget to unexpected costs. These costs might include rewiring your kitchen or replacing rotted out or water damaged boards and sheetrock. By expecting that something will come up, and subsequently setting aside a part of your budget to cover those costs, then you’ll be ready if they arise. This is definitely one way to avoid being unprepared for the hidden costs of kitchen remodeling.

Budget for the “Little” Things

As we mentioned before, when you are planning out your budget, it’s important to set aside a portion for hidden costs. It’s also important to be sure that you’re accounting for some of the lesser considered expenses of remodeling a kitchen. For example, does your budget include hardware, lighting fixtures, or plumbing fixtures?

These seemingly small expenses can add up quickly, especially if you’re interested in a more stylish look or higher quality material. Also, be sure that you’re accounting for paint, cabinets, and other costs that can come back to haunt you. When you’re budgeting for the “little” things, you can help avoid hidden costs of kitchen remodeling!

Hire a Professional

Kitchen remodels oftentimes start out as DIY projects. Sometimes, people will decide to remodel their own kitchen and decide to hire someone when they realize how much work they’re in for. Other times, people set out from the beginning to hire someone who can handle their kitchen remodel. Either way, it’s important to hire a professional if you want to avoid the hidden costs of a kitchen remodel.

A professional kitchen remodel expert will help you decide exactly what you need, come up with a plan, and deliver on that. Kitchen remodel professionals can often help you get better prices on materials, thanks to contractor discounts and relationships they have with local stores. This can greatly help reduce your costs.

In addition, professional kitchen remodelers know how to avoid hidden costs by doing the job right the first time. For instance, by yielding a lower rate of waste on materials such as countertops and flooring, kitchen remodelers can help you save money and avoid hidden costs.

Kitchen remodels are notoriously expensive, not only for their expected expenses, but also for the unexpected ones. For example, if you find a single water leak in your kitchen while you are remodeling, you might quickly find yourself working to stop the leak and fix the damage. Not only is this a drain on finances, but it can also make turnaround times longer.

These costs can’t be avoided, but if you’re able to plan ahead, you can budget in the event of such an expense.

On the other hand, you might not expect that paying for kitchen knobs and handles could add up so quickly. For that reason, it’s crucial to make sure the “small” things are a part of your budget.

At the end of the day, one of the best ways to avoid the hidden costs of a kitchen remodel is to trust a professional to help reduce costs and turnaround times.